With escort cards and place cards, your guests can easily glance at cute pieces of paper to know exactly where to sit at your Las Vegas weddings. Brides, it’s a stress-free way to assemble everyone in attendance, and it doesn’t require anyone be taken away from enjoying the day to organize people before the reception.

All you need to do, Las Vegas brides, is provide these cards. You can have escort cards with guests’ names and table numbers to direct each person to the appropriate place, and use place cards to let each guest know which chair is theirs at their assigned table.

Now that you know what these cards do, think of ways to design these pieces of paper to complement your wedding’s tone. Want a few ideas? Take a look at these options for inspiration. Then brainstorm your own ideas too!

1. Complementary Cork

Pamper your guests and enhance the atmosphere with this atypical place card. Simply create the card from plain paper pasted to a pretty, patterned paper in cardstock (or another durable material). Then conjoin three corks into a pyramid, slice a slit, and place the card into corks collected from wine bottles over time.

cork pyramid with place card
Complementary Cork (Design by Semper Fi Events)

2. Traditional Tented

Keep it simple with ivory or white escort cards, printed from your home computer with the help of a do-it-yourself kit from your favorite craft store. Then to add elegance, choose a fancy font that will flourish amidst your wedding’s tone.

tented escort cards
Traditional Tented (Design by a Las Vegas bride)

3. Paper Layers

Achieve more dimension, texture, and color with several layers of paper for your place cards. Select shades that will complement your wedding colors, and add a design with a rubber stamp for the personal touch.

tented place cards with paper layers and stamp
Paper Layers (Design by Naakiti Floral Design)

4. Go Green

Combine an escort card and the party favor into one unique gift. Print escort cards on colorful paper to match your wedding’s theme and cut the edges with scalloped shears. Then use ribbon, string, or metallic accents to secure the paper to a glass vase. Finish the design with your favorite fresh flower or plant.

bamboo plants in glass vases with cards attached
Go Green (Design by a Las Vegas bride)

5. Creative Texture

Get creative and play with texture! Ask a Las Vegas invitations and stationery store to make letterpress escort cards, complete with multiple colors and fonts, for your unique wedding. Then complement this creativity with ribbons, which will allow cards to hang from a board with knobs that reflect your style, be they sleek or antique.

escort cards in orange and purple
Creative Texture (Design by Naakiti Floral Design)

6. Eyelet Inspiration

This D.I.Y. design brings chic simplicity to the table. Use a die-cut tool to decorate the card’s edges, and give each place card character with your best calligraphy. For sit-down dinners, choose paper colors to coordinate with meals (i.e. white paper receives the pasta, green gets the chicken dish) and tackle two tasks in one!

simple place card on napkin
Eyelet Inspiration (Design by a Las Vegas bride)

7. Delicate Doilies

Dote on your guests with this adorable display. Select shimmering, textured papers, cut into circles, and equally elegant fonts. If these escort cards are indoors, simply place the papers upon the doilies. Or for outdoor events with chances of wind, secure the paper to its doily with a precious hand-stitch in an appropriate color.

circular escort card on doily
Delicate Doilies (Design by Naakiti Floral Design)

Brides, whether you choose a do-it-yourself method or hire stationery professionals to complete your cards, select a style that reflects your wedding. With that personal touch, your guests will love your creativity! Even after the wedding, they’ll enjoy this unique keepsake to remember their involvement in your special day.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: second image by Vanna Nguyen, additional images by Allyson Siwajian © 2012