After fifteen years of successful business in Las Vegas weddings, the crew at Picture Perfect Weddings remains passionate about wedding photography and steadfastly dedicated to producing quality images for their brides and grooms. But with the new times comes a new twist. In addition to timeless portraiture and photojournalism, Picture Perfect Weddings Fine Photography and Cinematography proudly presents their latest features, including updated photography packages, videography, and social media savvy.

“We specialize in wedding photography and videography, and it’s our passion. We love it!” Kristi Hahne, Director of Sales and Marketing at Picture Perfect Weddings, said at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show.

bride and groom intimate moment
Image by Picture Perfect Weddings

With six hours of on-site wedding photography, a disc of original images with the copyright release, the option of videography, and even Facebook-ready highlight reels, Picture Perfect’s packages give modern brides and grooms exactly what they need to remember and share every moment of their special days.

“That’s really what makes us so excited to connect with the brides and grooms: To know that they’re going to own that at the end of their wedding. It’s theirs to enjoy forever,” Hahne said.

To establish a connection between Picture Perfect photographers and each bride and groom, Picture Perfect Weddings offers an engagement shoot package.

“It really is the best way to connect,” Hahne said of the engagement photo session. “Your wedding day just becomes so much easier [because] you’ve already bonded with the photographer and you have a relationship. It just flows so beautifully on your wedding day, and it just is captured in the pictures.”

From the engagement shoot to wedding day photography, Picture Perfect Weddings can provide both photojournalism to capture candid moments and classic portraiture to commemorate the start of a bride and groom’s marriage relationship. Also, for both of these styles, Picture Perfect Weddings’ photographers guarantee brides and grooms are completely comfortable while photographed.

save the date image
Image by Picture Perfect Weddings

“I always like to give the couple the opportunity to just be themselves,” Picture Perfect Weddings’ photographer Mark Peters said. “I like to have fun with them.”

Thanks to this positive, encouraging environment, couples’ personalities as well as their comfort with one another and the camera always shine through in photographs.

“That will come out in the pictures absolutely,” Peters said.

While photographs capture the moments that matter in snapshots, Picture Perfect Weddings also offers videography services to brides and grooms who want to capture the fluid emotion of the day.

“It’s one of those amazing ways to tell the story of your wedding day,” Hahne said. “It’s so emotional and you get the words, the expressions. It’s one of those things where you can just imagine a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and looking back, [saying,] ‘Oh my gosh! Look at what we looked like and what we said, and it was just so fun!’ And it just kind of comes to life again so beautifully. So we really love doing video work too.”

bride and bridesmaids
Image by Picture Perfect Weddings

Peters agreed. “I think as important as photography is that videography has a completely different dimension,” he said.

For brides and grooms who would like to book both videography and photography, Picture Perfect Weddings offers a 20% discount. In addition, Picture Perfect Weddings’ videographers will meet with a couple to discover what they want to see from their footage prior to the actual wedding day. Then as an extra special feature, Picture Perfect Weddings even offers a Facebook Reel to share the wedding’s highlights.

“It’s fun,” Hahne said of the Facebook Reel. “You can have a nice, shorter version, so everybody can be at your wedding—even if they couldn’t make it—through video.”

With this new addition and so many more opportunities to capture the emotion, atmosphere, and special moments of the day, Picture Perfect Weddings has embraced excellent modern services while staying true to their high standards for quality wedding work. Paired with their passion and customer care, this polished team continues to give brides and grooms exactly what they need to document their weddings as truly picture perfect.

For more information about Picture Perfect Weddings, please call Kristi Hahne and her team at 702-740-8207 or visit their website to view their photography portfolio. To learn about additional Las Vegas wedding photographers, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Picture Perfect Weddings © 2012