Bad hair days? Dark under-eye circles? Splotchy skin or acne? Not a problem. With the elite team at Las Vegas’ Amelia C. and Co. Hair and Makeup Artistry, every bride will receive makeup application designed specifically for her skin type and a hairstyle to complement the tone of her bridal beauty. From high-fashion drama to naturally pretty, Amelia C. and her highly trained staff of six exceptional artists are ready to create any look, any time.

Photo credit: Candace Ann Photography

“We offer hair and makeup services for special events, weddings, photography, film, and wherever we’re needed,” Amelia C., owner and artist of Amelia C. and Co. Hair and Makeup Artistry, said at Bridal Spectacular’s Veils, Tails, & Cocktails bridal show.

Thanks to their expansive portfolio, Amelia C. and Co. is ready and willing to take bridal beauty artistry to the next level. To do this, they’ve harnessed the power of high-definition makeup and its refined application for brides in the digital age.

“We are constantly working to improve,” Amelia C. said. “We actually have gone so far as we have actually worked with … the Head Makeup Artist for Universal Studios Singapore to perfect our airbrush technique.”

Now with top-notch skills and the desire to continue growing with the times, Amelia C.’s team gives brides professional hair and makeup that’s completely smudge-free and camera-worthy.

“With the advent of high-definition (HD) technology, photography, and cinematography, what we found is that we actually had to up our skill level as artists,” Amelia C. said. “Suddenly, the things that were a little bit smudged or a little bit fudged are no longer acceptable because HD is showing every, single detail. So we’re actually a photographer’s best friend because if we do our job right, we minimize the post-production. And that also helps a bride’s bottom line because she doesn’t have to pay extra for post-production for sloppy work to be retouched.”

Photo credit: Ron Dillon

To complement their professional skills, Amelia C. and Co.’s personable team also provides a fun, relaxing atmosphere and the personal touch for every bride.

“What characterizes us and our company is we are very tight-knit,” Amelia C. said.  “We do have a genuine interest in our clients and our brides.”

Due to this sincere interest, Amelia C. always works one-on-one with a bride and her bridal party to discover exactly what will best work for each woman.

“Women today are all totally different,” Amelia C. said. “They have different skin types, so we like to customize the makeup experience for each individual person’s skin.”

Along with this custom experience for high-definition, water-resistant makeup that’s either airbrushed or traditionally applied, a bride can also receive professional hair care and styling. If a bride needs inspiration, Amelia C. can certainly help her find her best design. However, if a bride knows exactly what she wants, she is welcome to bring photographs or magazine clippings too.

“Pictures are an excellent idea to convey the look that they’re going for,” Amelia C. said. “It really is not a cliché; a picture’s worth a thousand words.”

Once the makeup application and hair styling are complete, brides also receive the added benefit of professional placement of their hair accessories and veil.

magazine cover
Amelia C. and Co. created the look for this season’s Spectacular Bride cover girl. (Cover Photo: D. Tyler Photography)

“Any veil, tiara, accessory placement—whatever it is that they need in their hair—we’re going to make sure is attached securely, so it stays through their whole event,” Amelia C. said.

While Amelia C. helps brides embrace their own individual beauty for their Las Vegas weddings, their team also hosts charitable fundraisers and donates their professional talent to philanthropic endeavors.

“We’re trying to make the planet a more beautiful place,” Amelia C. said.

It’s simply one more way that Amelia C. and Co. seek to reach out to the world, give it all they have, and make a difference.

Brides, let Amelia C. and Co. deliver that difference for your weddings. With flawless makeup and a professional hairstyle, you’ll look your best, which allows you to feel your best for your special days too. Then as you confidently own your beauty, you’ll love every moment of your wedding day and never grow old of revisiting wedding photographs that captured your handsome husband beside such a beautiful you!

For more information about Amelia C. and Co. Hair and Makeup Artistry’s specific services, philanthropic endeavors, and bridal beauty portfolio, please visit their website. Or to schedule an appointment, please call Amelia C. at 702-610-8699. For additional Las Vegas wedding beauty professionals, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012