While many Las Vegas wedding florists offer fresh flowers for custom creations, White Orchid Floral Boutique has taken their innovative designs to the next level. Through techniques that keep flowers fresh even in the summer heat and with options for brides who need alternatives to fresh florals, White Orchid Floral Boutique caters to each bride’s unique circumstances. Then with innovative designs and a dedicated staff, every bride who partners with White Orchid will be able to bask in the beauty of flowers created specifically for her special day.

“We’re not a typical floral shop. We’re one where every flower we buy is for that event and for that wedding,” Ryan Thornton, Head Floral Designer at White Orchid Floral Boutique, said at the Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

White Orchid booth display, centerpieces
White Orchid Floral Boutique won the 2012 Dazzle Award for Decor at Bridal Spectacular's bridal show.

In a place where every flower has purpose, White Orchid’s staff caters to brides first and foremost through exceptional customer service.

“We’re there for brides every step of the way,” Thornton said. “Any questions, we could meet them at the site. We could meet them at their home. Wherever they would feel most comfortable.”

While this reduces wedding planning stress, White Orchid Floral Boutique also gives brides its best through its affordable pricing, prompt service, and absolute trustworthiness.

“They can really have the trust that we’re going to come through and be on time and their weddings are going to be gorgeous. That just makes their days all the more wonderful,” Thornton said.

Since excellent customer service is the strong stem of this florist shop, White Orchid blooms all the more with its unique features for innovative wedding flowers.

Wilt-Free, Fresh Flowers

“We really know how to make flowers last for weddings in Vegas because it is such a dry climate,” Thornton said. “We have different techniques we use to process our flowers to really make sure they’re hydrated and won’t wilt on a bride.”

In addition to knowing how to make flowers beautiful for every bride’s wedding, White Orchid’s staff can also educate brides on the best flowers for every season.

“I just try to give them all the information so that they can make the best decision for what they want to do,” Thornton said.

Dried, Fresh Flowers

While fresh flowers always make an impression, White Orchid Floral Boutique also offers dried flowers to deliver a different look for a bride’s wedding.

“The brides who want dried [flowers] are usually more the type who really like to have a preserved look … more informal, casual, and kind of a country feel,” Thornton said.

pink and purple place setting
White Orchid also partners with brides to create original decor ideas and riveting floral design.

With White Orchid’s fresh flowers that have been dried, brides receive an instant way to make their décor original and memorable. As these flowers add to a wedding’s theme, they also act as keepsakes. Then brides receive both wedding and home décor, with the timelessness of precious heirlooms.

Silk Flowers

Beyond the realm of fresh flowers, White Orchid offers silk arrangements crafted with the same sense of precision, creativity, and innovation as fresh florals.

“With the silks, a lot of times there will be locations, like some of the military bases, [that] don’t allow fresh flowers or fresh rose petals,” Thornton said.

But with silk flowers by a professional florist, brides can still experience a beautiful atmosphere amidst flowers to fit their styles. Then after the wedding, silk flowers and petals can be cleared from the area with no stains on the carpet and no trouble with the venue. While brides with location restrictions benefit from this option, silk flowers also help brides who plan to host multiple receptions.

“Sometimes brides will have two receptions,” Thornton said. “So if they do silk bouquets, then they can use it for both occasions and they don’t have to do a double fresh look for both receptions.”

Allergen-Free Flowers

Since White Orchid’s silk flowers provide so many opportunities, it’s no wonder they are also popular with brides who need allergen-free flowers.

“[I spoke with] a lady today who was allergic to flowers,” Thornton said. “She wanted to do all silk because of her allergies, so that’s another consideration.”

White Orchid can design bouquets, centerpieces, archways, aisles, and more.

For brides in this situation, White Orchid also provides further options, including fresh flowers with fewer pollen counts.

“If people just have a subtle allergy,” Thorton said, “then we can just have some flowers that just have less pollen … and won’t cause an allergy attack.”

Flowers for Every Bride, Any Style

Thanks to White Orchid Floral Boutique, every bride can revel in the possibilities, no matter their weddings’ styles or special circumstances.

“We really like to be there and really service the brides,” Thornton said. “We love doing weddings. We love doing flowers. We’re always happy for people.”

With a supportive staff and inspiring, creative designs, White Orchid Floral Boutique truly transcends typical to embrace extraordinary!

For further details about White Orchid Floral Boutique, please visit their website. Or to schedule a consultation, please call Ryan Thornton at 702-736-3606. For information about additional Las Vegas wedding florists, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian © 2012