Bridal shower games are a great way to start the laughs and encourage guests to get to know each other in an enjoyable way! But what games should you play?

As a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding, I recently asked the same question. I talked with friends, organized ideas from past showers I’d attended, and voila! We bridesmaids had a full list of games!

Today, brides and bridesmaids, I want to share this list with you. We had to select the best games for our bride and her party’s guests. Here’s your chance to find games to break the ice and unite guests for your bridal shower too!

car with "Just Married" on window
Guests guess what's on the Groom's mind in What's He Bringing to the Honeymoon!

1.  What’s He Bringing to the Honeymoon: In advance, ask the Groom to compose a list of his top ten things he plans to bring on his honeymoon. At the shower, give each attendee a piece of paper and a pen. They have three minutes to write what they think will be on Groom’s list. Once time is up, whoever has the most correct answers wins!

2.  Toilet Paper Dress Creation: Assemble guests into teams, and give each team three rolls of toilet paper. Then everyone has ten minutes to create a wedding dress for one team member to model. For the reveal, the “bride” from each team rocks a hallway like a runway while she announces all the gown’s best features (i.e. its “flower child” inspiration, its cathedral length, its Angelina Jolie skirt slit). The real Bride-to-be judges the contest. The team who designed her favorite dress wins!

3.  Bridal Bingo: In advance, print bingo charts with squares that contain phrases about the Bride, like: “Born in 1986” or “Works in an office” or “Likes Zumba.” At the shower, guests must find someone who identifies with what is written in each square. Once a guest finds someone who shares a square’s characteristic, have her initial it. The first person to get initialed squares in a row shouts, “Bridal bingo!” She wins!

calla lily bouquet
Grab one of the bouquets for decor, and use it to play Pass the Bouquet!

4.  Dress the Bride: Place oven mitts on the Bride’s hands and gently blindfold her. Next place a bag of random clothing in front of her. She then chooses an item of clothing from the bag, describes what she thinks it is while blindfolded and wearing oven mitts, and then puts it on herself. She must do this until she is wearing every item from the bag. With a fun-spirited bride, this can be entertaining for everyone!

5.  Pass the Bouquet: This game is a variation of Musical Chairs, but so much more appropriate for dress-wearing guests. Attendees gather in a circle and pass the bouquet as music plays. Whoever is holding the bouquet when the music stops is eliminated. Go until there’s a winner!  If guests use a bouquet of silk flowers, the Bride receives a keepsake.

6.  Video Greeting Card/Trivia: In advance, ask the Groom to film a short video greeting. He’ll answer questions about his favorite memory with the Bride, their first date, the time he knew she was “the one,” their most embarrassing moment and what he learned from it, his idea of what happens at bridal showers, and his hopes for the Bride’s and his future together. Then play the video as the first gift the Bride opens. The Bride receives a keepsake, and everyone receives a peek into their relationship! For added hilarity, pause the video after each question and make the Bride answer before her Groom shares. It’s a fun twist on The Newlywed Game, and it takes a bride who’s confident she knows her trivia!

7.  That Happened on Her Honeymoon: If the bride is one of the last people to be married in her group of guests, this game is the perfect fit! Ask guests to each share one hilarious moment from their honeymoons. Their goal is to get the entire group laughing with their storytelling antics. Whoever’s story makes the Bride laugh the most wins!

As you decide which games to play, be creative and consider the event’s tone. Lastly, ladies, be prepared to reward winning guests with small gifts or full bragging rights!

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian  © 2012