Whew, wedding planning can be one tough gig! Fortunately with the right vendors, the whole process becomes much easier to navigate, so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your planning!

Brides, Las Vegas wedding vendors want to serve you. They want to capture the moments that matter on film, so you’ll always have your memories preserved. They want to transform your décor ideas into a complete design scheme. They want to deliver delicious food that reflects your tastes buds. Every professional in this industry—venue directors, bridal gown consultants, cinematographers, and more—wants to do the dirty work for you, so you can enjoy your special day.

Las Vegas wedding vendors
Las Vegas wedding professionals want to serve you, brides, as you plan your special days!

Now to ensure you have these incredible experiences, you’ll want to select wedding vendors whose work you admire and with whom you’ll work well.

But how do you choose the best vendors for you? Start with these seven helpful tips. Soon you’ll find vendors you’ll love every step of the way!

Determine your Budget

First, determine a wedding budget. This includes your overall budget as well as what you want to spend in each category. With this, you’ll have realistic amounts to later share with vendors. Then they’ll recommend ideas, packages, or products that fit your personal style and won’t break the bank.

Gather Inspiration

Next, spend time gathering inspiration. You don’t need to know exactly what you want. Just find a few ideas that reflect what you like. Then when you look for vendors, you’ll find pros who share your vision and provide your desired styles.

Know your Details

In addition to inspiration, know your numbers. Without a guest list or approximate head count, you won’t know how big of a reception room to book or how many tiers you’ll need for your cake. This will help you and any vendors you contact.

bride talks to vendor at bridal show
Ask vendors all your questions face-to-face at a bridal show.

Ask your Friends

If you have recently married friends or family, ask them which vendors they liked. Of course, you don’t have to choose all the same vendors. But this will give you a few, reliable options to start your search.

Attend a Bridal Show

While friends’ opinions help, it’s also good to expand your horizons. To do this, attend a trustworthy Las Vegas bridal show. At Bridal Spectacular’s upcoming show, view all your vendor options in one convenient location, discover whose style you like best, and speak one-on-one with vendors to see who you’d like to connect with further in the future.

Peruse Portfolios

Once you’ve chosen several options, take a deeper look at the pros who most interested you. Review information available in their information packets, and view their websites. Remember what you see in a vendor’s portfolio is likely what you’ll get. So if you’re enjoying what you see, note it. Similarly, if you’re not, don’t feel guilty. Just move to the next option.

Meet One-on-One

For the final step, contact each vendor you liked for a consultation. While you do want to love their work, you also need this meeting to make sure you get along well in person. Remember you’ll be working alongside your vendors for the length of your engagement, so find someone who values your opinion, meets your needs, and meshes well with your personality!

Due Diligence: One final note, even after you have done all of the above, it is a good idea to ask for their local license # which you can then verify by going on line to local city and county license bureaus and check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any past complaints.

Once you’ve found a vendor who makes you feel comfortable and you can confidently trust with your wedding, then congratulations, brides! You’ve found your vendor! With these professionals’ assistance, you’ll receive the wedding you’ve always wanted. So relax and enjoy!

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: first image by Allyson Siwajian, second image by Adam Frazier of Adam Frazier Photographer