With a passion for the finer elements of Las Vegas wedding décor, Soondis Hamika and her team at Jovani Linens and Floral Design are dedicated to bringing beauty, finesse, and personality to the details of every bride’s special day. Through this approach, wedding décor becomes a personal expression of each couple who is about to be married.

black and pink reception table
Jovani Linens and Floral Design reflects the bride’s personality in every element of a wedding’s decor.

“All of our brides are different. They like different colors [and have] different themes they want to do,” Soondis Hamika, owner and designer of Jovani Linens and Floral Design, said at Bridal Spectacular’s Veils, Tails, & Cocktails bridal show.

At Jovani Linens, brides and grooms of all styles are welcome. But while Jovani Linens succeeds in décor for every style, Hamika also always seeks to solidify a wedding’s tone through a design’s details. From bronze sculptures to elaborate centerpieces, jeweled napkin rings to crystal goblets, or even bold pillar candles to light lace overlays, every piece of décor matters. Together, these accent pieces radiate the bride’s personality.

While Jovani Linens uses accent pieces to enrich designs, Hamika also defines the space through custom, high-fashion linens.

“I love fabrics,” Hamika said. “My mom, she’s a fashion designer. I learned from her when I was a little kid. So fabrics, the colors—that’s what makes it different.”

purple napkin with rhinestone ring on square, silver plate
Jovani Linens provides custom, high-quality linens to bring added character and customization.

Available in any color, any texture, and any style, these linens set the tone for a bride’s event and give her an opportunity to define her wedding in her own way.

“We specialize in customized linens—any kind of linens, any fabric, any special type of fabric,” Hamika said.

With these fabrics, brides can customize more than their reception tables and chairs. They can also invite Jovani Linens’ staff to use linens to create dynamic atmospheres for their entire reception rooms.

“We do a lot of decorations: drapes, backdrops, ceiling drops,” Hamika said.

With so many décor possibilities, Hamika recommends a bride begin by scheduling a complimentary consultation at Jovani Linens and Floral Décor.

“We go through their theme [and] colors,” Hamika said. “Then we make another appointment to go into more details.”

orange sherbert and silver tablescape
Jovani Linens creates custom designs for any bride, every style!

At appointments, brides are always welcome to share their ideas and bring photographs of their favorite design inspiration for their weddings.

“A lot of times, brides have an idea. They have a picture. They know what they want. That can help us … figure out what they want,” Hamika said.

Throughout the detailed design process, brides are also invited to schedule as many or as few meetings as they desire.

“We can see them once, twice, three times, however much,” Hamika said. “As long as they are happy and feel safe with us.”

With a bride’s happiness and her ideal design in mind, Hamika always aims to create a customized wedding experience for a bride and groom. For years, Jovani Linens’ staff has achieved exactly that.

They’ve transformed brides’ dreams into tangible realities. They’ve created designs to define each bride and groom’s wedding as their own. Through their unique approach to custom fabrics, floral arrangements, and accent pieces, Jovani Linens and Floral Design has made a difference through the details.

For more information about Jovani Linens and Floral Design, please call Soondis Hamika at 702-460-8370. Also, plan to visit the Bridal Spectacular bridal show on August 17-18, 2012, to view Jovani Linens’ creative tablescapes and reception décor displays. For details about the bridal show or additional Las Vegas wedding décor vendors, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian © 2012