With passionate creativity and deep commitment to reveal beauty in every scenario, Deacon Tyler of D. Tyler Photography delivers high-quality, fashion-forward, wedding photographs that immortalize the heart and soul of each bride and groom.

Alongside his photography partner and wife, Sarah Werner, Tyler has developed a unique style that redefines lifestyle photography into a bold, colorful genre. With this, his wedding photographs reflect the crisp imagery found in fashion magazines.

fashion forward bride and groom on stairs
Photograph by D. Tyler Photography

However, while these images embody high quality and composition, Tyler also ensures each photograph portrays his couples’ personalities. Through this stylistic hybrid, brides and grooms receive wedding photographs they’ll be proud to display, both in print and via social media.

“Because we also shoot commercial, our style is very bright, colorful, sharp, [and] crisp,” Tyler, owner and principal photographer at D. Tyler Photography, said at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show.

“Romantic too,” Werner said. “Romantic and sexy.”

With this style, D. Tyler Photography captures the essence of what it means to be a bride and groom: the passion, the excitement, and the vivid flow of life.

While D. Tyler Photography portrays its couples in this bold way, brides and grooms do not need to expect an overly serious photo shoot. Rather Tyler and Werner prefer to encourage a comfortable environment and positive atmosphere.

bride and groom
Photograph by D. Tyler Photography

“People are always worried about the stiff, serious photographer,” Tyler said. “It’s not us. … We have a lot of fun with our work as well. So we’re really light-hearted.”

Throughout engagement shoots, portraiture sessions, and wedding day photography, D. Tyler Photography aims for brides and grooms to interact naturally with one another.

“Rather than do stiff poses,” Tyler said, “we take the role almost like a film director, so that we give generalized directions and we see how our bride and groom interpret that.”

During these sessions, brides and grooms benefit from Tyler and Werner’s experience and technical proficiency.

“Because we’ve been shooting for so long, we’re able to shoot quick and clean,” Tyler said. “A lot of our work is found in magazines, on billboards. So any bride and groom who end up booking with us is going to get a very, very crisp, very clean style. Something that’s going to look good in print.”

bride and groom at reflective building
Photograph by D. Tyler Photography

In addition to prints, D. Tyler Photography also offers wedding albums and access to digital images in full resolution without watermarks.

“As soon as we edit all of our photos, we upload them to an online gallery. So the bride and groom have instant access to that,” Tyler said.

While this feature allows for social media sharing, the digital gallery also allows brides and grooms to download their images again at any future point if the need arises.

“Around ten years ago, we had a bride and groom’s house burn down. … They lost the majority of their photos, and they were in tears,” Tyler said. “It was at that point that we started looking into ways to archive their photos permanently. [Now] anytime we shoot a wedding and upload it, it’s there forever. They can come back five, six, seven years later. There’s no need to run into a burning building and grab your photos. Just re-download them.”

Thanks to this special feature, couples who book D. Tyler Photography also gain confidence that they will always have their weddings’ images. Then they’ll always have a way to recall the memories that matter most.

engagement shoot at sunset
Photograph by D. Tyler Photography

“After the cake has been eaten and all the guests have gone home, the only concept of memory you have for the most important day of your adult life are the photos,” Tyler said.

With this special day’s memories captured so vivaciously through D. Tyler Photography, every bride and groom can return to the magic of their wedding day and rekindle their passion with every glance at a photograph.

For more information about D. Tyler Photography, please call Deacon Tyler and Sarah Werner at (702) 949-9888 or visit their website. Also, plan to visit them at Bridal Spectacular’s upcoming bridal show, and view their cover photo for the current edition of Spectacular Bride magazine. For more information about Las Vegas wedding photographers, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Deacon Tyler and Sarah Werner of D. Tyler Photography © 2012  (Images used by permission)

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