This morning, brides and grooms had the opportunity to sip something extra sweet from Channel 13’s “The Morning Blend” when Bridal Spectacular spokesperson Laura Covington made a special guest appearance.

In honor of Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show this weekend, Laura arrived on screen in a gorgeous white wedding dress alongside her dapper husband Charles, who wore a tailored-fit tuxedo. Together, Laura and Charles shared details about Las Vegas wedding trends, including save-the-date videos for engagement announcements, jewel tones as popular wedding colors, and fashion styles from industry forerunners.

Bridal Spectacular on The Morning Blend
Laura and Charles Covington appeared on The Morning Blend today to talk about Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show.

While they spoke about these trends, Laura also highlighted several unique features about this weekend’s bridal show. For example, she shared how Bridal Spectacular has helped brides keep their personal information secure (even when they register for Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show online) through an innovative, protected e-mail system that prevents brides from receiving any form of spam. Rather brides will only receive information they need and they can opt out at any point.

Also, Laura spoke about the bridal show experience itself. First, she emphasized the extraordinary collaboration of Las Vegas wedding florists and designers to create the renowned Inspiration Avenue.

“That’s something we’re really excited about,” Laura said. “It’s a 150-foot aisle of inspiration, and the brides just walk through and kind of peruse through all these ideas. … It’s a great way for brides to figure out what’s the perfect theme for them.”

Another notable feature, which will debut for the first time at this bridal show, is the Unplugged Lounge. For this area, the team at LED Unplugged Lighting and Event Rentals has created a lounge environment complete with a cash bar and cushioned furniture for bridal show attendees.

“So when you’ve been shopping and you just need a chance to sit down, you can grab a drink at the bar, sit down, and enjoy,” Laura said.

Finally, Laura revealed the details of Bridal Spectacular’s cupcake mosaic attraction and its accompaniment game, Cupcake Mania.

“He’s picked a very recognizable piece of artwork that he is going to be recreating in cupcake media at our show,” Laura said of the 3,000-piece IncrEDIBLE Cupcake Art by Freed’s Bakery.

Bridal Spectacular on The Morning Blend
Watch Bridal Spectacular on The Morning Blend. Then come to Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show tomorrow!

With vendor shopping, fashion shows, wedding trends to see, and so many original features at this bridal show, this weekend’s two-day bridal show from Bridal Spectacular is an event that brides and grooms won’t want to miss.

As “The Morning Blend” television host Dao Vu said, “Brides-to-be, plan the wedding of your dreams, from the gowns to the accessories and so much more … at Bridal Spectacular.”

To view the video by “The Morning Blend,” please visit their site here: Bridal Spectacular on The Morning Blend.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Video quotes and images courtesy of “The Morning Blend” on Channel 13.