One of the most important decisions you will make  in the wedding planning process is choosing  a Las Vegas wedding photographer for your wedding.  The photographs from your wedding will be around for years to bring back  the memories of  your wedding day. Las Vegas is blessed with many fine wedding photographers, so how do you pick the one that’s right for you?  You will want to consider personality, creativity, equipment, experience, photographic style and finally, finding the price that will fit your photography budget. That’s a lot to consider and certainly not something you can determine by looking at websites alone. So where do you start?

Photo by J & J Photography

Here are my tips for how you make the right choice:

  • Pick up a local Las Vegas wedding publication like Spectacular Bride and preview the ads in the photographer section. Look at the photographs they place in their ads to see which styles appeal to you. Also, check out the Real Wedding and Special feature sections shot by local photographers  to review the  style shown in these non-advertorial supplements.

    Photo by Adam Frazier Photography
  • Attend the next Bridal Spectacular bridal show to meet your potential photographers face to face.  This is the best opportunity to find out more about their personality to see if it is a comfortable fit for you. They will also have samples of their wedding work on display for you to look at.  Take time with each photographer, come with some pre-planned questions that you ask each one of them and take notes so you can remember them later.

    photo by LorenzFoto
  • While at the bridal show and during your interview with each photographer, pick up their price sheets and discuss with them their pricing philosophy.  How long will they be at your wedding, how many photographers will be provided, do the packages include pre- or post wedding photography?

    photo by Studio ATG
  • Visit their websites and blogs  to pre-view more of their work and photographic style.
  • If your venue has preferred photographers and they are not on your top choice list, ask for the policies on bringing in a different photographer. Interview the photographers on the preferred vendor list, many of them will have also been at the bridal shows you attended.

    Photo by Mindy Bean Photography
  • After you have done all of the above, narrow it down to your top two or three choices and then set up appointments to meet with them again for more indepth interviews. Ask about their experience level and type of equipment used. Do they have back up equipment in case there is a problem during the wedding?

    photo by KMH Photography
  • Check references, ask other wedding professionals and check the Better Business Bureau to make sure the photographer you have decided to use doesn’t  have multiple claims on their record.

    photo by John Morris Photography

So now you have done a thorough search and you have found the photographer that will fulfil your wedding day expectations. We are excited for you and know that your photographer will create images for you that will be cherished by you, your family and someday by your children and grandchildren.

photo by John Michael Cooper of Altf Photography

We look forward to seeing you at the next Bridal Spectacular Jan 18 & 19 at Cashman Convention Center! Some of the photographers you will meet there are J & J Photography, Altf Photography, Adam Frazier Photography, Lorenzfoto, John Morris Photography, Studio ATG, Mindy Bean Photography, KMH Photography, Cardin Creative, Ella Gagiano, Cashman Fine Photography, Ron Miller Photography and more to come!

photo by Ella Gagiano
Photo by Cardin Creative


We hope you have enjoyed the variety of photos provided by many of the photographers you will meet at our next bridal show.

Photo by Ron Miller Photography

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  1. There is so much great talent in Las Vegas! And each one with such a unique perspective. We hope to be part of that list in a few moths. 🙂

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