Have you given any thought yet to what your guest dining tables will look like at your wedding reception?  Do you have a theme in mind? What colors have you chosen for your wedding?  There are many questions to be answered before you settle on the decor you will want on your wedding reception tables.

Wedding Color: Generally your wedding colors will come from the colors you choose from your bridesmaids.  Which comes first the chicken or the egg?  You may have a favorite color and that will determine the color you put your bridesmaids in.  Or you might want to wait and see what colors look best on your bridesmaids and then let that become your color theme.  How much do the guys influence this decision?  About as much as you want it too.  If the men are wearing black and the ladies are in pink, that does not suddenly mean all your decor has to be pink and black.  It can if you want it to, but do not feel like the color of the tuxes has to dictate the colors in your wedding.  Black goes with everything, so if you want your reception colors to be pink and purple, that is totally fine.  The men basically become an important part of the background but they do not have to dictate the color of your napkins!

Wedding Themes: Themes can be fun and if there is something you and your fiance are crazy about, feel free to use it as your theme.  Disney weddings, twilight weddings, zombie weddings, camelot, batman, bird nest themes, and asian themes are all fun to work with and there are many more you could come up with.  Once you have a theme,  you will find many products and ideas to complete your ideas online, especially on Pinterest.

Wedding Experts: Now that you have some ideas where you want to start, get some expert help.  Consider hiring a wedding planner to guide you through all the steps and to help you turn your ideas into reality.  If you are not going to use a planner, make sure you hire a florist with experience in wedding design.  Find one who is willing to work with your ideas, making suggestions and working with your budget to get what you want.  If you find some of what you wanted is outside what you can afford, a good florist can give you alternative more affordable options.

Attend a Bridal Show: You will want to attend a quality bridal show not only to see inspirational ideas but to hire the quality professionals that will make your day everything you dreamed it could be.  The Bridal Spectacular is Las Vegas’ top bridal show.  They have been helping Las Vegas brides plan for 22 years.  Our next event is January 18 & 19 at Cashman Center.  Save $5.00 on your tickets by using promo code Blog2013.  But hurry this offer expires soon.

Now enjoy these photos  of great table scape designs!