The flowers are blossoming, birds are singing and wedding season is full gear! Spring and summer are often the busiest time of the year for weddings and that means thousands of brides are actively planning every detail of their dream wedding. From the venue selection, dress shopping, flowers, caterer, hair, song list and favors – there is so much on a bride’s plate while planning her perfect wedding.

Wedding Diets, Wedding Exercise
With all of these wedding tasks to do, trying to get in shape and also remaining stress-free can often be neglected. So, here are a few simple tips to follow to ensure you are ready for your big day!

1. Calm Down and Take a Deep Breathe

I’ve been here and I know this is easier said than done, but getting over-worked and stressed out can put a damper on not only your diet and exercise goals, but also your overall health and well-being. If you want to get in shape for your wedding you’ll need to learn how to manage your stress levels. It’s been proven that high stress levels can contribute to weight gain and make it more difficult to lose weight. And to make it worse, we also tend to snack more when we’re stressed which will quickly put on the pounds.

To help prevent stress, be sure to take plenty of time for yourself. Try a calming yoga or Pilates class with your friends or husband-to-be, treat yourself to a relaxing massage, or have a nice hot bubble bath and a glass of wine. Do whatever is needed to keep you calm and stress-free!

2. Get Plenty Of Sleep

Adding to your stress levels, lack of sleep is also a major hindrance while trying to get in shape for your wedding. Getting a good night’s sleep (whatever that may be for you; some only need five or six hours a night, while others need eight or nine) will help lower your stress levels, prevent you from skipping your workouts and overeating, and help you maintain a refreshed and glowing complexion.

3. Enjoy Exercising

Some people are perfectly fine spending hours on the treadmill and lifting weights, while others can’t stand the thought of being in a gym. So try to do something that is fun and you enjoy (or can at least tolerate.) If a gym isn’t in the cards for you, perhaps try going on a long hike with your fiancé, signing up for a fun 3K run with your friends, swimming, or joining a group sport. If you enjoy the gym, but don’t love spending your time on the machines, then try a group class like spin, zumba, yoga or Pilates. These classes can burn 300+ calories in one hour and can actually be pretty fun. Additionally, there are a lot of websites available that can estimate how many calories you’ll burn in any given class, such as this one:

4. Don’t Do Crash Diets!

Crash diets usually only work for a short period of time because you’re generally depriving yourself, but the moment you return to a normal diet you will put the weight right back on. The best way to get in shape for your wedding is to diet wisely, eat fresh foods (not fast foods) and be mindful of your calorie intake.

One website I turned to while prepping for my wedding day is the Daily Plate. This site is great because it will tell you how many calories you should consume based on your target weight loss goal and it also provides you with great tips for nutrition, cooking, exercise and more. There are also plenty of apps available for smart phones to help you better track your calories.

5. Don’t Lose Too Much After You Get the Dress

And the last tip – don’t try to lose too much weight after you’ve purchased your wedding gown. You can absolutely get your dress fitted, but you don’t want to buy a size 8 dress six months before your wedding and then try to get it fitted down to a size 4 two weeks before the big day. If you lose too much weight and the dress can still be tailored it won’t fit properly, or you may even have to buy a new gown- trust me, I’ve seen it happen!

Overall to get in the best shape for your wedding day, just take care of yourself! Try not to get too stressed out, get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and eat healthy – the normal things you should be doing every day.

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