Las Vegas engagement photography has taken on a whole new dimension in recent years. Shane and Christina wanted an engagement shoot that truly showed their personalities and love.  This Las Vegas ballerina and Airman are going to be married in January of 2014 at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort.  The engagement session began at the Dry Lake Bed outside of Las Vegas early in the morning and ended at Lake Las Vegas.   During the consultation for their engagement session Amy discussed with them how to let their personality shine through in their images.  Vilela Photography strives to take images that will remind the engaged couples, in the years to come, of their love story in the beginning.  Each image portrays a unique part of their personalities.  Shane was home for a couple of weeks from his deployment so the images will hold a special place in his heart as he leaves for another 6 month deployment.

Enjoy these amazing images and come meet the photographer, Amy Vilela, at the next Las Vegas bridal show, The Bridal Spectacular.

Dry Lake Bed Las Vegas Engagment Shoot