He asked, you said “Yes!” and now it’s time to plan one of the most exciting days of your life! Organizing a wedding is such a fun and incredible experience, but oftentimes brides and grooms don’t have the slightest idea as to where to begin. So to help you achieve wedding success, we at Bridal Spectacular put together a few Do’s and Don’ts when planning your nuptials! Let’s begin with the Don’ts.

Photo by KMH Photography.
Photo by KMH Photography.


Don’t Plan a Difficult Destination Wedding

The thought of having an exotic wedding in the Bahamas or on the very top of Aspen Mountain in Colorado sounds like complete and utter bliss — we agree! But, having an over-the-top destination wedding will not only put a strain on your final guest count, but it will also put a major financial strain on your guests. While some friends and family welcome (and can truly afford) a Bahamas extravaganza, others will end up resenting the cost and hassle or simply decline the invitation altogether. Be sure to make your wedding easy for everyone to attend by choosing a well-traveled destination and planning well in advance so your guests can plan accordingly. And of course, selecting Las Vegas as your destination spot is one of the most reasonable, cost effective and desired locations for your guests!

Wedding at Southern Highlands Golf Club.
Wedding at Southern Highlands Golf Club.


Don’t be Super Bride

You may be extremely intelligent and focused, but you are still only one person. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort, and more than likely you have family and friends who would be elated to help you plan such an important day. So, do yourself a big favor and accept their help and also don’t be afraid to ask for it. Throw a wine and cheese party with your gals and stuffing those wedding invites will not only take half the time, but it will also be fun!

Another great alternative is to hire a professional wedding planner who is knowledgeable about the industry, knows other wedding vendors, and can help you streamline the planning process with ease. You can find a variety of great Las Vegas wedding planners here.

Photo by Ella Gagiano Photography.
Photo by Ella Gagiano Photography.


Don’t Forget About Your Fiancé

And this “Don’t” goes both ways. In any couple, there may be a Bridezilla or even a Groomzilla (yes they exist)! Oftentimes in the midst of planning we forget that a wedding is not only about selecting the color scheme, flowers and menu, but it’s also a major transition time for you as a couple. In life, you are a team and the wedding should be no exception. Make your decisions together, compromise and do what is best for you as a couple (not individuals).

Don’t Fall to Bridal Party Peer Pressure

Ok, we all have those friends (both the bride and groom) who will encourage you to do things that you may just not want to do or have the budget for. For example, do you book a DJ or an eight-piece band? Do you select sparkling wine or Dom Perignon? How about the bachelor and bachelorette party — do you have an outrageous party in Cabo or do you have a low-key weekend wine tasting? All of your friends and family are going to have different opinions and expectations for your wedding (or they may have done things differently at their own wedding). So do your best to try to break through all of the noise and simply make your wedding your own. Not only will this help you adhere to any budgetary restrictions, but it will also make you both much happier in the end!

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Don’t Let Your Parents Take Over

Once upon a time ago when parents paid for the majority of the wedding (if not the entire thing), couples had to hand over much of the planning and control to mom and dad. Although times have certainly changed and many couples pay for their own weddings these days, some parents still insist on taking over — especially when it comes to the invitation list. The bottom line is although we certainly appreciate our parent’s input and may not mind having them invite all of their friends from their country club, it is still YOUR wedding. Always take their suggestions into consideration, but remember the Bride and Groom should be the one’s making the majority of the decisions for their own wedding.

Stay tuned next week for Part 2 when we cover the planning “Do’s” to ensure wedding bliss! In the meantime, please visit http://www.bridalspectacular.com or follow us on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest for more wedding planning tips and ideas.

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