Last week, we at Bridal Spectacular shared the “Don’ts” to avoid when planning your wedding. This week we continue the do’s and don’ts with a few tips that will help you achieve wedding planning bliss. Enjoy!

Photo by Images by EDI
Photo by Images by EDI.


Do Be Organized & Focused

In a three-ring binder or digital file on your computer, be sure to compile all your correspondence with vendors, notes you take during meetings, and photos or tear sheets from magazines you want vendors to see. A great organizational tip is to create a special email address dedicated to your wedding so you don’t overwhelm your personal inbox and you can easily keep track and sort through everything.

Do Think Outside of the Box

A wedding should be your own and a reflection as you as a couple. When coming up with your theme and what you want your wedding to be, think outside of the box. For example, if you don’t have a big budget or simply want a more intimate event, have a small ceremony for only your closet family and friends and then have a themed reception at a friend’s house afterwards. Think of themes like tequila and tacos, beers and burgers or a food truck wedding happy hour with a variety of small bites.

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Do Ask Your Wedding Vendors About Your Ideas

Your wedding vendors should be your go-to, most-trusted experts during the planning process. As you’re working with them, explore your ideas and be sure to ask what’s possible. Maybe you want to serve a late-night snack instead of a first course or have a joint dance with the father/daughter and mother/son rather than having separate dances. You should be able to have an honest conversation with them about what you’re looking for, and they will be able to tell you what’s possible with your given your wedding budget.

Do Hire a Great Photographer

Speaking of vendors, hiring a great photographer is definitely a wedding expense that is well worth it. Your wedding photos are going to last a lifetime and capture all of the great experiences from your big day. You don’t want to hire a cheap photographer and then be disappointed with the results. Do your research, get estimates from at least three different photographers so you can compare, and be prepared to allocate a decent budget to photography. To begin your search, you can view a list of amazing Las Vegas wedding photographers here.

Photo by KMH Photography.
Photo by KMH Photography.


Do Make Your Wedding a Great Experience for Your Guests

In today’s wedding world, it is guaranteed that a large portion of your guests will be flying in from out-of-town, so be sure to make your wedding worth the trip. To begin, provide each of your out-of-town guests with a welcome bag with the wedding itinerary, local information, a thank you note and a little treat of your choice.

Next, make your wedding a full weekend — not just a day. The night before the wedding you can throw a welcome BBQ or have a pre-party at a nearby bar. You can also throw a brunch (or lunch/dinner for the late risers) the day after the wedding to say your final goodbyes. Also, be sure to greet all of your guests during the wedding to let them know how much you appreciate them being there.

Do Provide Transportation For Your Guests

This is one of the most important “Do’s” for your guests (especially for those coming from out-of-town). Be sure to provide a means for your guests to get to and from your wedding and any after parties. You can rent a shuttle to take all of your guests, or simply provide your guests with the phone number of local cabs companies. However with the cabs, be sure to notify them in advance to let them know your guests will be calling so they can be prepared and your guests don’t have to wait long.

Photo by Altf Photography
Photo by Altf Photography


Do Be a Guest at Your Own Wedding

One of the most important “Do’s” for the bride and groom is to be in the moment and actually enjoy your day. It may be difficult to not analyze and be fixated on whether or not your wedding is going according to plan or on what’s coming up next; but be sure to be present and truly enjoy your celebration. Your wedding day will go by so incredibly fast and you want to be able to experience and remember all of the great times, not dwell on the fact that your cake came out with the wrong color of frosting.

Photo by LorenzFoto Photography.
Photo by LorenzFoto Photography.


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