Planning your perfect wedding is a fun, yet sometimes taxing journey. From selecting your date and location, choosing your wedding party to deciding what to wear — and this is just beginning. To help make a couple’s planning experience as stress-free as possible, they need dependable and experienced vendors who can help make your wedding day a dream come true. And, with over 40 years of experience, 900+ stores nationwide, and world-class customer service, Men’s Wearhouse is the perfect vendor to help make your journey a little easier and they are also Bridal Spectacular’s next vendor spotlight!

Photo by Kandylane Photography.
Photo by Kandylane Photography.


About Men’s Wearhouse

There is a reason Men’s Wearhouse guarantees to grooms that “you’re going to like the way you look.” For more than 40 years, Men’s Wearhouse has been helping grooms find their ideal wedding look by offering a great selection of products, superior quality and delivering outstanding customer service throughout the country.

When a couple visits Men’s Wearhouse, you will find an assortment of tuxedos and suits, available for rent or purchase, that will make the groom look and feel his best on the big day. Each store retains professional tailors who use only the finest materials and equipment available. In addition, if you have your tux or suit tailored, you’ll only be charged one time. After a seam is altered, customers are guaranteed free re-alterations on that seam within the limitations of the garment.


The Men’s Wearhouse Experience

With more than 2,000 combinations of colors, patterns and styles, and 900+ store locations, Men’s Wearhouse makes creating the perfect wedding look as easy and efficient as possible. Another great benefit of choosing Men’s Wearhouse is there are stores throughout the country, so if you have a groomsman who lives in New York and your wedding is in Las Vegas, you can coordinate everything with ease so he can go to any Men’s Wearhouse store to be fitted. This feature makes Men’s Wearhouse an easy choice for any groom who plans to invite out-of-town friends to be groomsmen at his Las Vegas wedding.

But, since the wedding is all about the couple-to-be, grooms will enjoy equally extraordinary customer service and product delivery, as the team at Men’s Wearhouse is there to help you, serve you, and make sure each groom looks his best! To help a Groom find his perfect wedding look, the team at Men’s Wearhouse will assist him throughout the entire process as he views an assortment of options in their catalog and throughout the store. Once a groom selects his ideal suit or tux, he can then customize it with a variety of options and accessories, including colors, cuff links, vests, shirts, shoes, belts, ties, and pocket silks.

Photo by Maple Hill Photography.
Photo by Maple Hill Photography.


Finally once the order has been placed, the groom’s measurements are taken to ensure custom tailoring and he will also receive a final fitting two days before the wedding. Then when the wedding day finally arrives, both the bride and groom will be confident knowing that he’s wearing the best-fitting suit in town!

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