When I got married a few years ago, I truly had no idea what I was doing! My husband and I got married before most of our friends so we couldn’t learn anything from their weddings, and instead, everyone learned from ours (including our mistakes).

With that said, the biggest mistake we made with our own wedding was not hiring a professional wedding videographer. At the time, my husband had a wonderful friend who shot TV commercials and had filming experience, so we thought we would save some money and he could film our wedding instead — terrible idea! Our friend certainly tried his best, but filming a wedding truly takes an entirely different set of skills and experience, such as ensuring you film the bride walking down the aisle (and yes, our friend missed that!).

So in hopes Las Vegas brides can learn from my mistake and can have a wonderful wedding video they can look back at for years to come, we Bridal Spectacular teamed up with John Sanchez and Ricky Gulati from the incredible Memory Lane Video to give you the do’s, don’ts and tips for creating the perfect wedding video!

Memory Lane Video

Bridal Spectacular: What should a couple look for when choosing their wedding videographer?

John & Ricky: They should start by looking at different video companies online and narrow it down to the ones they like best. Afterwards, they ought to meet with the companies personally. They should not only like the videos they produce, but also make a connection with the videographers. Having a good working relationship helps relax brides and grooms; it is important they feel comfortable with the people that will be capturing their special day.

Bridal Spectacular: How do you work with a bride and groom to pinpoint what video style best fits them?

John & Ricky: Memory Lane Video (MLV) takes the initiative to understand the couples unique personalities from the very get go. Not only do we want to know their story, we want to know all the little details that sets their story apart from anyone else’s. With that, we are able to produce a video that accents the best qualities of their relationship.

Bridal Spectacular: What are the biggest mistakes couples make with wedding videos (aka- what are the don’ts)?

John & Ricky: The biggest mistake a couple can make is to think they don’t need a video at all. The wedding goes by so fast that oftentimes it becomes a blur for the couple. A video would allow them to relive all the important moments and also discover the little things that they might have missed.

Bridal Spectacular: Well, I completely agree with that! Now, what are the best things a couple can do to prepare for the wedding video (aka- the do’s)?

John & Ricky: MLV is there simply to document what happens. We have a nonintrusive filming style that doesn’t disturb the events taking place. The only thing couples would need to provide is an itinerary prior to the wedding. From thereon, they can simply enjoy spending time with their family and friends while we work our magic.

Bridal Spectacular: How do you work with a couple that is on a budget?

John & Ricky: MLV strives to accommodate all couples on any budget. MLV has three (3) different video packages to choose from. On top of that, we take the time to understand the couple’s priorities to help them choose or customize a package that best suits them.

Bridal Spectacular: What is your number 1 tip you can offer to brides and grooms when it comes to wedding videos?

John & Ricky: You shouldn’t expect fun uncle Bob or crazy aunt Shirley to deliver you a video that compares to a quality, professional video. Professionals have years of experience and fully understand the best possible ways the ceremony, toasts, and other significant events can be filmed. Furthermore, film is a visual-audio medium — so not only are professional videographers able to understand camera angles and lighting, they are able to record clean sound too. Ultimately, they skillfully piece together a memorable wedding film that couples will be proud to watch for years to come.

Bridal Spectacular: What are the current trends you’ve been seeing with wedding videos?

John & Ricky: Weddings videos have become so creatively intense in the past few years. A great majority of them have extremely polished cinematography and complimentary soundtracks as to mimic theatrical films. Rapid changing technologies, such as drones flying over head for bird eye perspectives to gyro stabilized hand held camera rigs, has enabled video companies to deliver Hollywood-esque qualities to the wedding scene. Thus, more and more newlyweds are receiving high quality videos that they are immensely eager to share with everyone they know.

To learn more about Memory Lane Video, please click here. To view a few samples of their amazing work, please view below:

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