Your wedding is one of the most exciting days of your life. From walking down the aisle, saying “I do,” and celebrating with all of your family and friends into the night — this is a day you will cherish for a lifetime. To document all of these amazing moments, you will need an equally amazing photographer. That is why Bridal Spectacular has selected Photos by Larotonda as our next vendor spotlight!

About Photos by Larotonda

Photos by Larotonda is a Las Vegas based photography studio that specializes in wedding, portrait and engagement photography, as well as corporate and event photography. As a family owned business with more than 20 years of experience, their client’s satisfaction with the wedding photos and pricing is a paramount concern to them. Moreover, Photos by Larotonda provides its clients with affordable rates — and, if a couple doesn’t see a package they like, Photos by Larotonda can customize a package to fit their budget!

Additionally, the Photos by Larotonda team prides themselves on the ability to produce true art from your images, not just regular prints. Also, all of their photography albums are custom designed, no drop and drags, so your album will be like no one else’s, but uniquely yours.


The Photos by Larotonda Experience

Chris and Deb Larotonda are the owners of the family business. Deb said they are the ones who will actually be onsite to shoot your wedding. “We do not hire interns or part-time photographers,” Deb added. “We also only shoot one wedding a day, so that adjusting times for your wedding is never a problem.” Deb said that they also bring a second shooter so the couple gets full coverage of their wedding. One photographer will go with the bride and take photos while she is getting ready, while the other photographer will go with the groom. After the couple is ready, both photographers come together and shoot the wedding from two different angles and perspectives, which gives the couple unparalleled coverage of their wedding day! In addition, Deb said they take unlimited pictures and do not downsize the final photos, which allows couples to print out any size photos they wish.

To help a couple create their perfect wedding, Deb said they will incorporate the wedding style into their shooting style. Moreover, Deb added that they have even made lists of questions for all of the couple’s other vendors to help make things easier and reduce stress. “We need our couples to be as happy and worry-free as possible, which is what we strive for.”


Wedding Planning Tips & Trends

For wedding planning tips, Deb recommends that couples meet with the photographer(s) who will actually be shooting their wedding. In addition, she suggests that couples find a photographer who has a photojournalist style. “We shoot in a hybrid of a photojournalist style, which means we document your day as a photojournalist would, and we also capture the portraiture work.” Lastly, she added when a couple obtains their final photos, be sure that the photos are all color corrected and in the full size of what the photographer’s camera is capable of. “All too often people are given their photos in sizes that are suitable only for social media and not for printing.”

Finally for trends, Deb said over the past few years she’s seen a lot of themed weddings, including everything from Star Wars and The Hobbit, to gangsters and golf themed weddings!

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