Finding the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with is one of the best feelings in the world. To go along with the momentous decision, you also need to find a great jeweler to help you discover the perfect ring for your perfect soul mate. D&R House of Diamonds not only cares about each and every one of their clients, but they also offer a great selection of diamonds, cuts, metals, and custom rings at affordable prices — which is why we at Bridal Spectacular have selected them as our next vendor spotlight!

D&R House of Diamonds

About D&R House of Diamonds

Founded by owners Dave and Rich, D&R House of Diamonds prides itself on representing one of the largest diamond wholesalers in the world, while also offering beautiful diamonds, bridal and fashion jewelry at incredible prices.

Dave began his career in 1977 working as a part-time sales associate for Kay Jewelers in Indiana. Eventually, Dave’s career led him to Las Vegas where he most recently worked as General Manager and Sales Director for a jewelry store before opening D&R House of Diamonds. In all of Dave’s 35 years in the industry, his greatest joy is the incredible friendships developed with his clients.

Rich began his career in the jewelry industry as a part owner of a small jewelry store before becoming general manager for a larger store. Rich decided it was time to take on ownership once again, which is when he and Dave formed D&R House of Diamonds.

The D&R House of Diamonds Process

Dave and Rich created their business concept with the customer in mind — keeping costs as low as possible and providing an appointment-only service where they are able to spend quality time with each client.

To begin the process, couples schedule an appointment at D&R House of Diamonds’ office located in downtown Summerlin, where Dave and Rich are able to work with you one-on-one. They recognize that your needs are unique and personal to you, so D&R House of Diamonds carry hundreds of vintage and modern styles in order to provide their customers with an array of beautiful options and to ensure your engagement ring will be all you had envisioned.

If you prefer to have your ring custom-made, D&R House of Diamonds also offers CAD/CAM computer design software to help you design the ring of your dreams. This breakthrough technology allows you to see a ring model in color and 3D, while letting you evaluate additional features such as:

  • How a higher or lower setting would look.
  • How a change in the band’s metal color would affect the stone’s appearance.
  • How the same ring would come across if a sapphire, ruby or other gem took center stage.
  • How a few accent stones on the band might enhance or detract from the diamond itself

Best of all, the software let’s you change your creation’s digital appearance to a true photographic impression, letting you see exactly how your jewelry will look in real life. Regardless if you choose one of the stunning predesigned rings or have one custom-made, Dave and Rich will be there every step of the way ensuring your selection is perfect for you and your loved one.

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Photos: D&R House of Diamonds | Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches