Planning your wedding is one of the most fun and exciting times of your life. However, when you have a limited budget to work with, that excitement can quickly turn into stress. So, to make your planning a little easier, we at Bridal Spectacular teamed up with Cicely Gilbert at Emerald at Queensridge to provide Las Vegas couples with wonderful tips to help create your wedding budget!

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Bridal Spectacular: What are your top tips to couples when they are creating their wedding budget?

Cicely: First thing’s first, sit down as a couple and with anyone who might be contributing to the wedding and decide on a realistic top number for your budget and who will be contributing what. From there, you can prioritize the aspects of your wedding and realistically decide what money can be allotted to which items. This will probably change throughout your planning process, but always keep the top number in mind. For example, if the food cost was more than you had expected, consider reducing your budget with floral or transportation.

Bridal Spectacular: With today’s weddings, is it still true that the bride’s parents are responsible for contributing to the wedding costs or has this tradition change?

Cicely: Anymore, it is rare that the bride’s parents are the sole contributors to the wedding costs. It has been nice to see family members from both sides, and sometimes even wedding party members, contribute to the costs. Not too long ago, we had a bride’s friends all pull together to add a photo booth to the wedding as a bridal shower gift because they knew how much she wanted the photo booth, but couldn’t fit it into her budget.

Bridal Spectacular: Are there are times of year and/or days of the week that are more cost effective for a couple to have their wedding?

Cicely: The day of the week and time of year definitely play a role in cost. Not just with the venue, but with other vendors as well. Typically, everyone wants to get married during the best time of the year weather-wise and on the weekends. In Las Vegas, this is usually the spring and fall months. That means that there is competition from other couples for booking vendors, which gives vendors more flexibility to charge more because they are in higher demand. Weekday weddings are great because you can still get the time of year you desire, but with less competition and more reasonable pricing. And, who wouldn’t look forward to breaking up their week with a wedding!

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Bridal Spectacular: Do you have any suggestions to help a couple cut costs?

Cicely: Prioritize all of the different aspects of your wedding, set a general budget for each aspect, and try your hardest to stick to it. It can be very easy to get caught up in all the beautiful, fun, things that make up a wedding. Also, it might not always be more cost effective to do things yourself. Oftentimes, professionals have access to rental items and wholesale prices that could be more cost effective, and economical on time, rather than trying to do everything yourself.

Bridal Spectacular: On the contrary, are there any items you recommend a couple splurges on?

Cicely: That is a very personal question. For some couples, it’s a breathtaking space with beautiful linens and centerpieces. For others, it’s amazing food, a great bar, and having fun with friends and family. While some want the day captured with photography and cinematography in its entirety to cherish forever. At the end of the day, the wedding is about two people committing their lives and futures together. Splurge on what is important to you.

Bridal Spectacular: Is there anything else you would like to share that can help couples better plan their wedding budget?

Cicely: Taxes and gratuities can add up quick! At Emerald at Queensridge, tax and gratuity is already included in the wedding special package and there are no hidden fees on the back end. Be sure to ask all of your vendors if there are any additional costs that could come up, such as taxes, delivery or setup fees. Then, make sure they are included in your invoices before you make any final decisions.

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About Emerald at Queensridge

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Photos: From Emerald at Queensridge | Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches