There are so many fun and creative printed save-the-dates available, but we love putting a modern twist on your big announcement with save-the-date videos! Not only can videos completely showcase your personalities, but you can also save printing and mailing costs by simply emailing your videos to your guests and posting them on social media.

To get a better idea of how to create the perfect save-the-date video, we at Bridal Spectacular spoke with the Owner of Memory Lane Video, John Sanchez who shared the story behind a fantastic video shot at the Neon Museum!

Memory Lane STD_Cover

The Bride and Groom, Julia (who is American) and Edgaras (who is Lithuanian) both live in Lithuania and came up with the idea of flying to Las Vegas to create a Vegas-style save-the-date video for their wedding on December 31, 2015. Julia originally contacted Pastor Pete of Elegant Vegas Weddings about their idea in October 2015, who later contacted the incredible team at Memory Lane to turn Julia and Edgaras’ save-the-date vision into a reality.

Memory Lane corresponded with the couple through email to get all of the details and a complete picture of their vision. Julia and Edgaras wanted to do a fun, classic Vegas-style video as the theme. They found the Neon Boneyard online and knew it was the perfect location to film their save-the-date. After several emails, story boarding pictures and a script created by the couple, everyone was on the same page and ready to make this vision come to true!

Memory Lane STD_Sketch

Julia and Edgaras flew in to Las Vegas and then the Memory Lane team met them at the Neon Boneyard. John said filming was on a tight schedule after the Neon Boneyard closed and there was only a limited about of useable sunlight available to work with. To help make use of the limited sunlight, John said they split up into two teams and filmed the individual scenes of the Julia and Edgaras at the same time. After all the individual scenes were completed, they filmed the scenes with the couple interacting.

John added that throughout the filming, Little Elvis (played by Dimos Greek of Elegant Vegas Weddings) stole the show and kept everyone laughing and entertained. Everyone knew with just over an hour of usable sunlight to work with, they had to be on point to make it all come together — and that they did.

We hope you enjoy Julia and Edgaras’ incredible Vegas-themed save-the-date video brought to life by Memory Lane!

About Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a group of filmmaking professionals who work toward pushing new boundaries inside and out of the wedding genre. They work closely with couples to ensure they have a personalized experience and a finished product that you will be proud to show your family and friends. With more than ten years of experience filming over 900 weddings, Memory Lane guarantees a unique and artistic perspective on documenting one of the most important days of your life.

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Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches