Your photography and videography are some of the most important components of your wedding. From announcing your exciting news with your engagement photos, to capturing every remarkable moment of your special day — the glimmer in your eyes as you say “ I Do,” the laughter you share with your family and friends, and all of the loving and spontaneous moments in between, your wedding photos and video will be the only tangible memory remaining once your wedding day is over.

To ensure you are able to capture all of these extraordinary moments, you will need and equally extraordinary photographer by your side. So, we at Bridal Spectacular teamed up with the incredible Ella Gagiano, the Owner and Photographer behind Ella Gagiano Photography and High Class Studios, to share all of her fantastic insider tips!

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Bridal Spectacular: When it comes to both wedding photography and videography, what are your top tips to couples to help them prepare for their big day?

Ella: Hire a professional. We get so many couples that are referred by brides who had a friend do the wedding photography or who tried to save money and use someone who wanted to learn at their expense. Every single time they regret it. Wedding photography is not easy. To capture the details and the day as it unfolds, to tell the story takes years of practice. You have to be the best landscape photographer, product photographer, portrait photographer and family photographer all in one day.

Most couples say that they don’t want “posed” photographs, but that is because they have seen so many bad photographs. What you really need is a professional who can pose you and make it look natural. To turn your body to make you look slim and beautiful, to turn your chin so your face looks it’s best and capture your expression. A photographer who can make you laugh so that we can capture that true moment of happiness.

We have never met someone who was happy that they tried to save money on photos. Years down the road when the cake is eaten, the dress is in storage, the flowers have wilted and God forbid, your family members have passed on… these photos and videos will be the ONLY memories of them. You will have not even remember the money you spent. You will only have the most cherished memories from the one time when you looked your very best and were the happiest you have ever been.

Bridal Spectacular: How about the tips you do not recommend?

Ella: Don’t try to save money on makeup. We have seen brides who do their own makeup only to find out that it shines bright and reflects every time a flash goes off, or makeup that runs when you cry. You want to look the best in your photos and there are some things Photoshop cannot fix or the cost to have fixed is just not worth it. Your makeup should be done by a professional. Too many times we get behind schedule because a makeup artist couldn’t get everyone’s makeup done in time. It is not only stressful for you, but it also cuts into your photo time. You can’t have the best photos if there is no time to take them or if you don’t feel comfortable in your makeup.

Bridal Spectacular: When selecting a wedding photographer and videographer, what should a couple look for and ask to ensure they are getting the best fit for their wedding?

Ella: Look for full examples of the entire wedding. It is easy to find a few good shots and make a one-minute video that looks good. It is also easy to make a few bad photos look amazing with Photoshop. Always try to see several examples of a complete wedding so you can make sure that they are professionals who can capture the entire day flawlessly. Also make sure that your photographer has good equipment. Just because a camera looks nice doesn’t mean it is capable of capturing images in the dark of the reception. A good Len’s can cost several thousands of dollars and for a wedding as you need several different types of lenses. An amateur simply can’t afford the tools necessary to capture what a full wedding requires and you can’t afford that equipment without charging a rate that justifies it. You get what you pay for is always true.

Bridal Spectacular: What are the top wedding photography shots every couple should get?

Ella: At Ella Gagiano Photography and High Class Studios, we shoot for your album that we include at no additional cost in every one of our collections. This album will tell the story of your day. We always shoot the details (the rings, shoes, dress, and all the small things that are personal to you). We spend time with the bridesmaids and groomsmen enjoying the moments. We spend lots of time with the families and friends. Of course, we get the ceremony and all of the establishing shots of the building and grounds to remind you where you were. We focus on all of the little details on the reception, like the flowers, table centerpieces and any other personal details. You need the events like cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss, speeches and toasts, and of course, all of the dancing fun. But, what we feel is the most important are the spectacular artistic and creative couple photos of the bride and groom together alone.

Bridal Spectacular: How do you help couples create a perfect wedding video that truly showcases their personalities?

Ella: At High Class Studios, we make every video personal to each couple. We do our best to know each person so we can focus on getting the shots that matter and the details that matter. We also spend time interviewing you on camera to hear you own personal story of how you met and your journey together. We edit this personal and emotional story throughout the video so that you are the narrators that guide us through this amazing day that captures your journey together and guides to see how amazing your future will be. It is a true and treasured keepsake that will carry your legacy to many future generations.

Bridal Spectacular: What would you recommend to couples who are on a budget, but would like to be able to have everything done — engagement and wedding photography as well as videography?

Ella: With Ella Gagiano Photography and High Class Studios, we have always made sure to include an engagement session free of charge in every package. It also includes a free 12″x18″ print that you can have at your reception. We do this for that very reason, as we believe it is so important to your story. It is also a great opportunity to get to know you as a couple and have you get comfortable in front of our lens so that the wedding day photography goes flawless. If you would like more photos from the engagement session, they are always available for purchase but there is never any pressure.

Bridal Spectacular: What sets Ella Gagiano Photography and High Class Studios a part from other companies in Las Vegas?

Ella: Besides our sheer passion for what we do and the couples that we care so much about, we are also the best at what we do. We don’t just do this as a hobby. We invest hours upon hours into training and workshops. We constantly learn and keep up with current trends. We spend lots of money on educating our team members and ourselves. Our company is big enough to handle everything you need and yet small enough to give you the personal attention you want. From the moment you walk into our gorgeous studio and meet with us you will see our passion and how seriously we take your special day. It is everything to us.

Bridal Spectacular: What are the current trends when it comes to engagement photos, wedding photos and wedding videography?

Ella: Current trends include going to the places that are special to you. Your engagement photos should showcase who you are as a couple. Feel free to bring props and fun things to make it personal for you.

As for wedding photography and videography, the trends are artistic and modern posing (that feels natural and not posed). Videos are spectacular and filmed with cinematic style and edited like a Hollywood movie. With the advent of filters on iOS devices and social media platforms, like Instagram, the editing of photos is incredibly important. At High Class Studios and Ella Gagiano Photography, you will see that we not only keep up with the trends but we are the ones who start them! Always copied, but never duplicated.

About Ella Gagiano Photography

Ella Gagiano beautifully combines high-end, creative and artistic photography with a sense of effortlessness and fun. Capturing special moments that should be treasured forever and the love that people feel makes going out each day a pleasure. “For love is the reason for living.”

About High Class Studios

High Class Studios was originally created by award winning photographer, Ella Gagiano and her husband Jason, who has been in the entertainment and video production industry for 20 years. They love life and love living life. They are honored to help you to make your special wedding day even more special and also to keep those memories alive for many years to come with their beautiful story telling of your wedding day with breathtaking photography and amazing cinema style videography. At High Class Studios, they handle every aspect of your wedding and pride themselves on unmatched quality at competitive rates.

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Photos: Ella Gagiano and High Class Studios | Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches