Planning your dream wedding means you are also planning your dream life together, which may include getting a new home. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or maybe a combination of the three, you may run into some serious time constraints as well as a lot of stress if you are also planning your wedding at the same time.

So, we at Bridal Spectacular teamed up with Will Woodward and Lita Goodwin from Your Wedding Realtor to provide couples with tips and advice when it comes making changes to your living arrangements while planning your dream wedding!

Your Wedding Realtor

Bridal Spectacular: Can you tell us a little about Your Wedding Realtor and its services?

Will & Lita: Your Wedding Realtor was created to offer real estate services specifically to newlyweds and recently married couples with an emphasis on our ability to provide a comprehensive and specialized service before, during, and after the “I Do”. During our years of experience, we have noticed that most couples are unsure of what to do and this where we can help the most. Our services include listing or selling homes with an emphasis on educating the couple to make the best decision possible for their situation.

It’s not always best for a couple to sell their home and we do offer property management services that allow the couple to generate income while they are looking at their overall options.

We offer couples that are looking to purchase or buy a home our experience and knowledge. Oftentimes, first-time homebuyers can qualify for grants that can be utilized toward the down payment of their first home and there are also programs available that family and friends can donate funds as a gift to cover the cost of purchasing a new home.

We also provide specialized services to those couples that aren’t in a position or ready to buy just yet and are looking for a short-term solution. We have programs in place that can help turn tenants into owners with a realistic budgeting plan and financial strategy.

Bridal Spectacular: What are your top tips to engaged couples and newlyweds when they are looking to reinvent their living arrangements around the same time as their wedding?

Will & Lita: It depends on the couple’s particular goal. Sometimes it’s better to sell one property and rent the other and purchase a brand new home. Other times, it may be better to sell both properties and purchase a brand new home or possibly rent both properties and utilize the income from the investment to purchase a new home. It depends on the resale value and the current rental rate that coincides with the current market. My tip is to always to speak with a professional like myself, give them what you want and then make a plan to get to it. It is actually just like everything else during the wedding process, people are there to help — just let us know what you want to accomplish.

Bridal Spectacular: If a couple is looking to buy and/or sell a home around the same time as their wedding, when do you suggest they start the process?

Will & Lita: Immediately is the best time to start! Whether they are looking to purchase or sell a home. If they are interested in purchasing a home, we have programs in place that can help them be in the best possible purchasing position. If you’re looking to list (sell) your home, we offer a free market analysis of your homes current market value and our marketing strategy is simple… It’s to get you the highest amount in the shortest timeframe possible.

Bridal Spectacular: If both the bride and groom own their own homes and are not sure which one to keep, how would you guide them in making the best decision?

Will & Lita: By understanding the couple’s current situation. Both the bride and groom would receive a free market analysis of their home’s current market value so that as a couple they can make the best possible decision for their future. Sometimes it’s best to reside in one home while renting the other home as passive income, sometimes it’s best to sell both homes and purchase a newer home. Each couple has a different situation that is unique to them, this is what we specialize with helping the couple make the best possible decision.

Bridal Spectacular: What are the most common challenges you see couples experience, as well as the most common questions they ask?

Will & Lita: The two biggest challenges we see with couples is the ability to save money and repair credit at the same time. It’s very possible to do with a budgeting plan, a little financial strategy and determination.

Another challenge is the decision of which property should either be sold or used as rental income. I can assist the couple in making a fiscally responsible decision regarding both properties if they have two, or even if they only one.

Q: The most common question asked is, “How much does it cost to buy a home?”

A: I suggest contacting a lender and requesting a “pre-qualification” or “pre-approval letter” and as a general rule I suggest having 5% of the purchase price in a savings account that is used only towards the purchase of your new home.

Q: Second most common question, “Do we need an inspection?”

A: Simple answer, yes. While is not legally necessary to have an inspection, it’s always suggested and with Nevada being a “buyer beware” state I strongly advise the couple to know the condition of the property before purchasing it.

Q: “How long does the home buying process take?”

A: It’s really depends on the type of purchase or sale. If the buyer has cash and it’s a traditional owner sale, it can take as little as 14 days. On the other hand if it’s a short sale, it can take six months to a year depending upon the communication between the seller (homeowner), the listing agent and the seller’s bank to get approval. In general on a standard conventional or FHA loan, the lender that I prefer to work with can have the documents completed and approved with underwriting within a 30-day window.

Bridal Spectacular: Is there anything else you would like to share with couples?

Will & Lita: We work hand-in-hand with a lender that has the ability to offer grant money for first-time home buyers and those who have not purchased in the last three years. If you’re looking to sell, we have a marketing plan that will put your home on the front page to simultaneously offer your home to as many buyers in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches