Five Problems Planning Your Pinterest Wedding and Tips to Solve The Problem

Destination Wedding Planned on Pinterest

Pinterest Weddings are all the rave: It has become a very popular way for Millennials to plan their weddings. Engaged couples create Pinterest boards full of all the things they want to have created for their special day. It is an easy way to collect ideas and organize them as you work through the wedding planning process. However, using these images as your wedding planning guide without the help of professional guidance can create wedding week havoc. Keep in mind the following potential problems that can arise from unrealized pinterest expectations

  1. Because you see it in a photo does not make it easy or cheap or even possible
  2. Because you see it in a photo and some other bride did it DIY does not mean you should try to do it without professional help
  3. Asking your professional to do it exactly like the photo restricts their creativity and expertise, give your wedding pros the freedom to create for you what will work best in your situation.
  4. DIY projects can cost way more than you think in not only supplies but time and labor and it all has to happen 48 hours before your wedding
  5. Planning on your bridesmaids and groomsmen to accomplish all wedding day DIY projects may not be practical or possible.

Real Pinterest Wedding Example #1 Bistro Lighting

The bride wanted bistro lighting at her destination wedding and all the photos of bistro lighting she saw on Pinterest made it look easy and possible.  The problem was her destination was in the middle of a field in Heron, Montana without buildings or poles to attach the lighting too.  In addition, the nearest city to rent the lighting and equipment from was 2 hours away.  Pinterest images show securing pvc poles in plaster buckets and hanging the lighting from it. However, when you are doing over 300 feet of 50′ runs of bistro lights that need to go over dance floors and dining tables, you have to have metal pipes and bases and guy lines strong enough to fly that many lights safely. Our bride was lucky enough to have an uncle who was an expert but he still had to rent the lighting, 12′ pipes, guy wire, sandbags and bases to pull this off.

This DIY project cost $1,000 and it was accomplished by a loving relative who was a professional in the sound and lighting industry.  We should mention it also took a crew of Uncle John and 5 other wedding guests and groomsmen to accomplish the job.  They started setting up on the day before the wedding, (in the rain) and it took approximately 5 hours to set up and 2 hours to tear it down. Do you have the people you need to do this? Will they have time on your wedding day and will they be there for you to take it down? Also keep in mind many hours went into the pre-planning of this project.  Hire a professional before you consider attempting this job yourself.  If you are using Bistro lighting at your Las Vegas wedding we recommend LED Unplugged Lighting and Event Rentals.

Real Pinterest Wedding Example #2 DIY Flowers

I am only going to cover some basics here as we will do a separate post in the next few weeks with photos and cost breakdown of the flowers for this wedding.  Our DIY bride fell in love with Pinterest photos of green garlands on the table and that was her primary request for what was important to her as wedding decor.  This is again the same wedding as example one taking place in Heron, Montana.  All flowers had to be shipped in and her aunt, me….. a former florist, had taken on the job of making her dreams come true.   It would take 200 feet of green garland minimum to create the look she wanted and there were also bridal bouquets, and other florals to be done.  Not wanting to give out all the details of our next post here just suffice it to say, this ended up being a huge project and without the help of 10 other family members could never have been pulled off in 48 hours!  So stay tuned for our next post on Pinterest and Unrealistic expectations.  As a former florist, I still met with a professional for additional guidance to complete the florals for this wedding. Kathryn of Enchanted Florist not only shared what this wedding should cost but saved me from making some mistakes that would have been difficult to solve once on site at the wedding.

Pinterest is an awesome tool for collecting ideas, but don’t stop there. Attend a Bridal Spectacular bridal show to plan your Las Vegas wedding and see the trends in 3D!  Meet the professionals who can help you create your dream wedding.  Consider carefully before taking on DIY projects, it is not only about the cost, which will still be more than you can imagine, but you also must consider the labor and the time it takes to complete projects. Will you have that time the day before your wedding?  The day of your wedding? Do you have people you can truly count on? If using your bridesmaids and groomsmen, will they have the time to help and get ready for the day too? Be realistic with your Pinterest Wedding ideas so you are not disappointed on your wedding day.