Bridal Spectacular features tips from Las Vegas formalwear store, Jerry’s Tux Shop.

Creating the perfect wedding look isn’t just for the brides! Finding that perfectly cut suit or tux, flawless accessories and impeccable colors are just as important for the guys.  So, to provide couples with great tips and ideas for creating the perfect wedding style for the groom and groomsmen, we at Bridal Spectacular teamed up with Charles Covington from Jerry’s Tux Shop to get an inside look!

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Bridal Spectacular Q&A with Jerry’s Tux Shop

Bridal Spectacular: What is the first step the groom-to-be should take when he’s looking for his perfect suit or tux?

Charles: He should review with the bride what they want him and his groomsmen to wear and stop by a tux shop to get ideas for what’s possible. We always recommend that the bride and groom come in as early as possible to get things started. Even though fittings won’t take place until about three months before the wedding, it’s never too early to come in and start planning what the wedding party will wear.

Bridal Spectacular: Once he has an idea of what he’s looking for, how to you help him coordinate his look with the bride’s style?

Charles: One of the first things we ask is what color is the bride’s dress. A lot of brides don’t want the groom to know what the dress looks like, but knowing the color is essential for coordinating. If the bride is wearing ivory or champagne, but the groom has a white shirt, it may make the dress look off and vice versa. If the groom is having difficulty deciding how formal to look, we ask how formal the bride’s dress will be. If she’s wearing a very formal gown, we don’t want the groom to look underdressed.

For same-sex couples, of course, the same applies. If one bride is wearing a tux, what is her partner wearing? Do both grooms want to wear the same thing? Personally, I like to see two grooms wearing the same styles and colors, except for one difference, like one wearing a bowtie and the other wearing a necktie.

Bridal Spectacular: One of the questions we often hear is should the guys wear a bowtie or a necktie — how do you help him decide?

Charles: Nowadays, either option is appropriate, so it’s all personal preference. If a guy feels more comfortable in a necktie, that’s what he should go with.

Bridal Spectacular: Once the groom has determined his wedding attire, how do you help select the groomsmen look?

Charles: We always want the groom to stand out in his wedding, but they need to look like they’re all part of the same party. This can be as small as a different boutonniere for the groom, or a different tuxedo, as long as there is still something tying in the groom’s style to the rest of the party. And, just as we keep the bride’s style in mind for the groom’s outfit, it’s important to keep the bridesmaids in mind when determining the groomsmen look, especially if they will be in pictures together.

Bridal Spectacular: What are the current trends you’ve been seeing with men’s wedding attire?

Charles: We’ve seen a lot of weddings going with less traditional tux styles and colors: gray or blue tuxedos with fewer satin details, more suit influences and a more modern fitting. Also, brown shoes are really big right now.

Bridal Spectacular: Is there anything else you would like to add or share?

Charles: At Jerry’s Tux Shop, we do a full fitting in the styles being used so you can see how it looks on your groom. We carry our full stock in-store, so even last-minute weddings can have the perfect fit in the styles they want. 

About Jerry’s Tux Shop

Jerry’s Tux Shop is a full-service tuxedo and formalwear boutique located in Las Vegas since 1987. They pride themselves on carrying only quality tuxedos, including the latest tuxedo fashion trends and classic tuxedos at affordable prices. Best of all, they provide great services for both out-of-town customers, as well as Las Vegas locals.

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Photos From: Jerry’s Tux Shop | Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches