Bridal Spectacular features Las Vegas Wedding Tips from Enchanted Florist.

Flowers are a vital part of any wedding. From the gorgeous bouquet the bride holds dear as she walks down the aisle and the altar you stand beneath to say your “I Do’s,” to the beautiful centerpieces and floral arrangements that adorn your reception space, the florist you choose can make or break your special day.

So, to provide brides and grooms with some great advice to ensure your wedding flowers are picture-perfect, Bridal Spectacular teamed up with Kathryn Null, the Owner of Enchanted Florist to get her insider tips!

Photo Credit: Moxie Studio
Photo Credit: Moxie Studio

Bridal Spectacular Q&A with Enchanted Florist

Bridal Spectacular: What should a couple expect and bring with them for their first consultation? 

Kathryn: We would like couples to know their colors and overall theme (is it country chic, classic, vintage?), as well as have a locked in date and venue. Be ready to make some decisions and trust yourself, as you know what you like best. Also, keep in mind that a florist is not an overall decor planner, so it is also a good idea to consult with your wedding planner beforehand as well.

Bridal Spectacular: Is it helpful to bring pictures and examples to the consultation?

Kathryn: Yes and, of course, no. We love pictures and do not expect any couple to be flower experts or know what is in-season. Pictures help with the overall feel of the flowers that a couple is going for. The downside is that people need to know that a picture of a flower is a moment in time and that individual flower will never happen again. We can get close, but flowers are a natural product and will behave that way. There are so many flowers out there that no matter the time of year, with flexibility, we can create the look needed.

Bridal Spectacular: What should a bride consider when determining her florist budget?

Kathryn: We love flowers and think they make the event — not only in the moment for all of the guests, but they enhance the pictures as well. Just make sure you truly do a complete wedding budget. On average, most brides spend about $2,800 to $3,500 on flowers.

Bridal Spectacular: Are there alternatives for those couples that have a strict spending plan?

Kathryn: Yes, always. They just have to be open to something that is not in their original vision.

Bridal Spectacular: How important is the time of year and location?  

Kathryn: Location is always a must know for us because of delivery considerations and what the room looks like. The time of year depends on the couple. If you are set on doing a certain look that involves a flower that only blooms in the spring and you have set your date for November, you may have to change your plans. There are thousands of flowers out there, and if you are flexible about the type of flowers, a professional florist can pull off any look any time of year.

Bridal Spectacular: What benefits are there using an experienced florist vs. DIY?

Kathryn: First, most people do not understand how long it takes to make a flower arrangement (or 20). You do not want to be up the night before your big day working your fingers to the bone to save 25%. Second, if the flowers that we get in are not right or are just gross, we can get them replaced and the couple does not even have to be involved, which is certainly less stressful. Lastly, a professional wedding and event florist will set the flowers out and move them so that you and/or your bridal party or even guests don’t have to be tasked with it. With a professional florist, you have insurance that all the floral will go off as planned!

About Enchanted Florist

Enchanted Florist is Las Vegas’ Premier floral boutique. Owner, Kathryn Null and the designers at Enchanted are dedicated to the creation of unique and expressive floral designs to enhance all environments. Enchanted Florist has worked with many well-known businesses and organizations, including MTV, The Hilton, Vera Wang, Elton John, America’s Next Top Model, American Idol, and many more. Every arrangement is special to their handpicked staff and they are excited to work with each and every couple.

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Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches