Take your Las Vegas Wedding day look from ordinary to extraordinary with fashion hair colors

When you plan your wedding hair style for your Las Vegas Wedding…. There are two schools of thought: Some say you should keep your hair and your styles classic because “you will be looking at your wedding pictures your whole life. Will you still like that dress, that hair, that makeup style when you are old and grey?” On the other hand your wedding day is a celebration of YOU. Well… you and your significant other. Shouldn’t you be the YOU that your partner fell in love with? Purple hair and all?

With this in mind I set out to try our rainbow colored wedding hair. Granted I actually got married six years ago with lovely brunette tresses with highlights and long curls but Hey! A Girl can pretend! Plus who doesn’t love a little dress-up session. So I set out to create my dream rainbow haired wedding look! On the Left you can see my wedding Hair from 2011. Long brown with extensions and highlights and on the right you can see my plain, brown, boring, mom of a two year old hair.

The Vegas Wedding Rainbow Hair Journey

I started my rainbow hair journey with L’Oréal Professional Ambassador, Shelley Gregory. Shelley and I chatted about my hair goals, I showed her my favorite looks from her instagram page, and set a date for my full hair transformation. And a full transformation it was! I started out with long brunette virgin hair and I walked out 8 hours later feeling like a princess…. and a mermaid….. AND My Little Pony’s Princess Celestia.

This... 100% This
I looked exactly like this.

We started at 9am at Atelier by Square Salon. The first step was to bleach my hair. Shelley and her team were very thorough and next thing I knew I had an unbelievable amount of foil in my hair. This was the hardest part of the process for me. It took about four hours and the foil was very heavy but the results were worth it.

The next step was the color! Shelley used L’oreal’s newest color product: #colorfulhair . The colors are gorgeous! Shelley used six colors in my hair. She used #colorfulhair sunset coral, navy blue, electric violet and three custom blends to create the gorgeous pastel look.

The Big Reveal – Pastel Rainbow Wedding Hair

So… what do you think? Do you love my new hair? Shelley created an amazing Pastel Hair style for me. It was every bit class and fun! Stay tuned for the next three blogs in our series on non-traditional wedding hair

Part Two: interview with Shelley Gregory, L’Oreal Professional Ambassador where we will go in depth on how to create this look for your wedding and Pro-tips on maintaining pastel hair.
Part Three: Rainbow Hair Fashion Photo Shoot with five super talented Las Vegas Wedding professionals.
Part Four: Real Brides with awesome colored hair on their wedding day!

Laura Covington is the Vice President of Bridal Spectacular Events, Inc. She loves weddings and fashion. She hopes to make fashion tips and trends more accessible to every Las Vegas couple because we all deserve to feel gorgeous not just on our wedding day but every day. Follow her journey into the world of Wedding Fashion, Skincare, and beauty on Spectacular Bride’s BEspectacular beauty blog.





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