How to do a #colorfulhair transformation for your Las Vegas Wedding with Shelley Gregory

So recently I spent a day with L’Oréal Professional Ambassador, Shelley Gregory at the Atelier by Square Salon. It was an amazing transformational eight hours as I went from Boring Brunette to Pastel Princess using L’Oréal‘s new salon exclusive produce #colorfulhair. If you missed the blog about my transformation you can read it HERE.

Having Pastel Hair is amazing and it could be an amazing look for your wedding day but it is a journey and it does require some special upkeep so I asked Shelley for her best tips.

Interview with Shelley Gregory Hair

How much does it cost for a bride to do a full transformation like this?

I recommend that you come in for a consultation. Every person’s hair is different and that can really affect the price. It starts at around $200 and goes up depending on thickness, length and history of hair. I also like to ask my clients what their budget and work with them because I want to make their hair dreams come true.

If a bride wants to do colored hair for her wedding can you recommend a timeline for how to accomplish that in her busy wedding schedule?

I recommend that you prep your hair about two weeks before the wedding. That means get your hair the the blonde you want early since that is the part that takes a lot of time. One to two days before the wedding do the color especially if you want to surprise everyone. You can do the color up to a week before but if you are going for Pastels the closer to the wedding date the better.

Shelley Gregory Hair and #colorfulhair
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How do you maintain #colorfulhair or pastel hair?

  • Don’t wash your hair as often. Spray in Shampoo is your friend!

  • Wash your hair in cool water. Hot water opens the cuticles in your hair and allows the color to escape.

  • Use Sulphate free shampoos and conditioners

3) What is your favorite wedding hair style?

I love classic looks. You are going to be looking at these pictures the rest of your life! Pick a style you will always love. Even if you have non-traditional hair colors you can pair it with classic looks. Soft Updos wills how the health and shine of your hair with a beautiful braid or a relaxed bun. Or you can go with your hair down in effortless waves. The great thing is that your photographer can edit some of your photos to Black & White or Sepia so your hair will look very classy in pictures. My favorite photos from my wedding that I hung on the wall are all black and white. Its a great look.

The end of my Rainbow Wedding Hair Journey

I had such an amazing time getting my hair done with Shelley Gregory Hair and getting these great tips for brides who want to try a colorful hair look for their wedding. Find a Salon near you to try out L’Oréal’s new #colorfulhair product. The color selection is amazing! For more on blogs on non-traditional wedding hair be sure to keep reading our BEspectacular Beauty Blog and for more general wedding tips and trends be sure to visit our Spectacular Bride Blog!

Laura Covington is the Vice President of Bridal Spectacular Events, Inc. She loves weddings and fashion. She hopes to make fashion tips and trends more accessible to every Las Vegas couple because we all deserve to feel gorgeous not just on our wedding day but every day. Follow her journey into the world of Wedding Fashion, Skincare, and beauty on Spectacular Bride’s BEspectacular beauty blog.






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