Many brides start to sit down and plan out their wedding day timeline when making plans with their photographer, hair stylist, make up artist, vendors and bridal party. Every minute before walking down the aisle should be accounted for, so the bride and groom aren’t rushing around or coming in late to the ceremony. In terms of getting ready, both individuals should think through what essential items they need to start their day with as little stress as possible.

For the bride…

This is a bride’s day to shine. This is the moment that she gets to step into her gown for the last time and prepares to say “I do” to begin the next chapter of her life. What are some items that she might need as she gets ready?

Thinking about the dress, of course you want the fit to be perfect. Make sure you have enough fittings beforehand and wear whatever wedding-day undergarments you have to each fitting. Even the thinnest padding can make a big difference in how tight or loose a dress is. It’s always a good idea to have a strapless bra, such as this one, on hand, so that if you do need a little extra support and coverage, it’s there.


Hair and makeup are two items usually checked off of your list way in advance. Whether you’re booking appointments with stylists to come to your venue or are visiting a salon beforehand, you should purchase, plan and try all products beforehand. Consider stashing extra pins or hair clips, depending on how you wear your hair, to play it safe.

Every bride wants to feel fresh, clean and beautiful as she walks down the aisle. A lot of times brides shower the day before, so that her hair is easier to style, in which case it’s extremely important to find time to freshen up in other ways (even if it’s showering with a cap on). Shower wipes are an amazing, especially for stress sweat. Of course, deodorant is essential, and rose water face mist is a great idea. It’s good for your skin and will help you achieve a glowing look. And don’t forget floss, a toothbrush and toothpaste. A travel-sized kit is a great idea for tucking in your bag.

For the groom…

The groom is just as important on the big day. After all, it’s the next chapter in his life as well. That being said, it’s important for him to find a prep routine that will help him feel prepared and ready to say his “I do.”

Although he’s not sliding into a form-fitting gown, fit is still important. Grooms should have a fitting or two before the wedding to make sure everything fits perfectly, as should the groomsmen. He also needs to make sure he has all of the right accessories, from socks and shoes to belts, a tie and cufflinks.

Just as with the bride, a groom should pack a toiletry bag with products to freshen up. Deodorant and cologne are essential. Also in the bag should be grooming products. Whether it’s touching up a hairline or shaving a beard, a good razor, shaving cream and some after-shave gel can do wonders for creating the perfect wedding day look.

The best thing that both the bride and the groom can bring to their wedding is confidence, appreciation and happiness. Both should be confident that they look spectacular, feel appreciation for all of the friends and loved ones that came together for their celebration, and happiness in taking the next step in their lives together. After all, each moment and memory created on this day will last a lifetime!


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Photos from the wedding of Laura & Charles Covington used with permission. Photo credits: Candace Ann Photography