Invitations – how to choose them

Wedding Invitation Questions Answered for Las Vegas Brides


Las Vegas Brides: Proper Etiquette suggests one invitation per family unit per address. So if you have an entire family you wish to invite and they all live together, you can send the household one invitation. However, if Grandma and Grandpa Smith also live there, you should send one to the grandparents and one to the family itself.
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The Personal Touch: Alligator Soup Stationery celebrates 28 Years of Las Vegas wedding invitations


Alligator Soup Stationery and Gift Boutique offers customized Las Vegas wedding invitations, from elegant to eclectic, and provides excellent customer care. That’s why, 28 years later, this little shop with big personality is where many Las Vegas brides choose their wedding invitations. Read more…

Dear Aunt Petunia: What to Write in Your Thank-You Notes


Dear Aunt Petunia, Thank you for the gravy boat. I love it. Love,  Ally If you were Aunt Petunia, how would you feel about this thank-you note? Well, I think Aunt Petunia would probably be less than happy. While she did receive a card in the mail, more thought has been put into the paper […] Read more…

The Future is Here: Bride’s Guide to Online RSVPs (Part 2)


You’re the bride who’s immersed in technology, from social networking to work-related Internet research. Naturally, you’ve chosen to skip traditional return-by-snail-mail RSVPs in favor of the new online RSVPs…. You’re going to let your guests RSVP through a wedding Web site. Read more…