Invitations – how to choose them

Dear Wedding Guest, Do you like how well I followed envelope etiquette for mailed invitations?


Ugh, it seems so 1955 to follow wedding etiquette for stuffing wedding invitations into envelopes. But surprise, brides! In today’s informative, comedic article, you’ll learn what proper etiquette is, how to customize it, and why your guests want it (subconsciously, of course). Read more…

Host a “Stuff, Seal, and Stamp Party” to Compile your Wedding Invitations in No Time


Family-owned business, Lola Felli Stationery, creates customized wedding invitations for artistic brides


Want to give your guests the best with your Las Vegas wedding invitations? Create a custom design invitation with Lola Felli Stationery! Using stamp ink and watercolor paints, Lola Felli professionals create a personal, handmade invitation that saves brides the stress. Read more…