Marriage Advice

 Holidays as Newlyweds & How to Survive Them


The Holiday season is here and it involves decorations, holiday parties, and, now that you’re married, in-laws. As the festive days approach, it can get a little overwhelming when trying to juggle the newly married life, wish lists, holiday cooking, dinner parties, and keeping your house organized. Here are some tips to keep you calm, […] Read more…

She popped the question: What Las Vegas brides can learn from yesterday’s Leap Year Day marriage proposals


Did you know that every Leap Year in Irish tradition the girl can propose to the guy? Read about one bold U.K. bride who proposed to her boyfriend yesterday. Then, Las Vegas brides, see our relationship advice for after the proposal!  Read more…

Money, Sex, and Hobbies: How to handle potential conflict issues in your first year of marriage


With news of Kim Kardashian’s divorce, many brides are wondering what it takes to make a marriage. Today discover the top conflicts for newlyweds, and learn how to handle these real issues with your groom for a happy union. Read more…