Las Vegas brides, did you know Irish tradition encourages women to propose to their guys? According to legend, St. Patrick gave permission for an Irish woman to propose to her man, especially if he was simply too shy to pop the question himself, through an opportunity that would come around every four years: Leap Year! Today bold brides-to-be are still partaking in that tradition, and yesterday many women even took a leap of faith and popped the question to their boyfriends.

Leap Year Proposal by U.K. bride
Sharon and Simon celebrated their engagement at Blackpool Tower. Look closely, and you'll see "Marry Me?" on the beach below!

In my favorite February 29, 2012, tale, BBC News reported that 31-year-old Miss Sharon Fuller organized her girlfriends to etch “Marry Me?” into sand of North West England’s Blackpool beach as the perfect sign for her boyfriend, Simon Dunkerley. Then at the top of the 500-foot-tall Blackpool Tower, Simon saw the lines in the sand and accepted. Together the couple celebrated with small glasses of champagne, and they already have plans to be wed in a quiet British ceremony this summer.

But with all the excitement and weddings on the way, what’s an engaged Las Vegas bride to learn from yesterday’s Leap Year Day proposals?  Brides, I’d like to suggest we learn to propose our love in new ways beyond the big question! Take a look:

Celebrate: Do What You Both Love

First, brides, as we celebrate with these recently engaged ladies and gents, let’s take time to celebrate our own engagements too!  Often we plunge headfirst into wedding planning after he pops the question. Now that’s all well and good. But remember why you’re getting married. The core of the wedding is the marriage. And the core of marriage is love, devotion, and commitment through thick and thin. Take some time to celebrate those elements.

Host an engagement party! Go out to dinner! Take a stroll through the park, or hit the Vegas Strip for some fun together. Cuddle up on the couch. Watch a movie, cook dinner, play a game, go for a run, or write each other love letters. Just because you’ve already enjoyed the proposal doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying each other. Continually discover what makes each other’s hearts sing, and go for it!

Plan Together: Pour into your Relationship

Now on this note, brides, keep in mind that you too can plan a few activities. It’s easy to let your man handle the plans. After all, you know he can do it. He planned that beautiful proposal! But take some inspiration from this Leap Year’s ladies. You don’t have to plan the proposal, but do plan something special for you and your groom.

True to tradition, this bold bride proposed to her man on Feb. 29th! Las Vegas brides, think of ways you too can show your love for your grooms!

“It’s been a nerve-wracking few weeks planning it all,” Leap Year lady, Sharon, told BBC News about planning her proposal to Simon.

I think that’s something to keep in mind, brides. Planning is tough. Instead of leaving our fiancés to read our minds, let’s lessen the stress and help our guys with date nights too. Plan an event together instead of expecting him to decide what you’ll do every weekend. Together you’ll make a great team, and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to work together on building your relationship!

Say Thanks: Let Your Groom Know You Love Him

Even with your marriage proposal in the past, take time to thank your groom for making that moment so special. You see, I have it from a good source (*cough cough* my own groom) that planning a proposal is fairly stressful. He’s supposed to make it special, make it personal, and make it memorable. Oh, and it has to be unique. That’s a lot of pressure for one question.

Encourage your man, and let him how much you loved every detail of what he planned for you. Whether it was a romantic dinner at the top of the Stratosphere or a quiet moment on your couch, he asked your permission to spend the rest of your lives together because he loves you with his whole heart and he’s willing to commit to you. That’s what counts, brides.

That’s what makes a marriage.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: The Daily Mail “Couple weds just hours after getting engaged as hundreds of women propose on Leap Day;”  BBC News “Blackpool Tower Leap Year marriage proposal