Las Vegas brides, here’s a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through one of your most important wedding day tasks: choosing your wedding dress. Keep reading, and you’ll know what to expect and how to prepare for your wedding gown search and shopping experience.

Choosing a Wedding Dress

How far in advance to I need to order my wedding gown?

Order your wedding gown six to ten months in advance. Wedding dresses take a long time to be special ordered, shipped, and altered. If you have a short engagement, the occasional store will be able to do this in four months.

There are so many options and styles. Where do I start?

Set aside a percentage of your budget for your wedding gown. Don’t forget to include the veil, dress alterations, and post-wedding dress cleaning in this amount. If you want to spend a little more for your dress, figure out how you can save in other areas.

If you’d like, you can look through bridal magazines, view photos online, or ask married friends which designers they would recommend. Choose several bridal stores, salons, or boutiques you would like to visit. Then, call to schedule appointments.

Why do I need an appointment to look through dresses?

With an appointment, you will receive special attention by professional bridal gown consultants. Without an appointment, you will likely not be pleased with your experience, no matter where you go.

How many wedding dresses should I try on per appointment?

Some dresses will look amazing on you, and some simply won’t work. That’s why bridal salons and boutiques provide so many options. Unfortunately, you might become overly self-critical during this process. Therefore, some wedding professionals recommend you try no more than seven gowns per appointment.

Who should I bring with me to find my perfect dress?

Bring one fashion-savvy friend or family member along to your appointments. With another girl, you’ll have outside perspective on how you look. If you have several friends or family members who want to participate, you’ll need to carefully choose one to two girls and invite the others to participate in your wedding planning in different areas. Too many opinions will only leave you frustrated.This bridal gown was almost the one!

What if I haven’t found my wedding shoes yet? What shoes should I wear?

If you haven’t found your wedding shoes yet, that’s okay. You don’t need your official shoes until your first fitting for alterations. Some salons can provide flats or heels in various heights. This aids the illusion and the feel when you try on dresses. You can also bring a pair of shoes from home that are the same height as your ideal wedding shoes.

Do I need to bring certain undergarments when I try on my dress?

While you don’t need to bring wedding day undergarments into the dressing room, be aware that you will undress in front of at least one female store employee. As a professional, she will help you find your way to the top of the dress under its many layers, lace up any corset backs, pin you into the dress if it is too large, and ensure the gown is not harmed in the process. So when you choose what to wear that day, be considerate to whoever may be in the changing room with you.

Will my wedding dress require a special bra?

Once you’ve chosen a dress, find a bustier with the proper support and style. Do you need something seamless? Strapless, but with solid support? Maybe something to stop you from slouching? Or a design for dresses low-cut in the back? Inquire about the best bra for your dress style and fabric at bridal salons, boutiques, or even department stores with a trained corsetiere.

What can I expect at the store?

When you arrive, be honest with bridal store staff about your budget. At some shops, you may be asked to first look through their catalogue to choose designs and styles you like. You can also scan the racks, and choose any dresses that catch your eye. You may want to try a veil with your gown to complete your bridal beauty.

Feel free to try on styles you’ve never considered before. You might look stunning in a dress that’s completely unexpected. Politely tell your wedding dress consultant what you like and dislike about certain dresses as you try them on. Then, she can help you narrow down your options to make a final decision.

Some bridal boutiques carry wedding dresses in only one size, ranging from plus to petite. However, when you try on a gown of any size, dress consultants can pin it to fit you well from the front. Then, you can visualize what that dress design will look like. If a gown is a size too small for you, they may use close pins to clip the gown to your bra to let you see how gorgeous you’ll be in the design you’ve chosen. Likewise, if a gown is too large for you, they may pin the extra material in the back to achieve a form-fitting look.

While some girls choose to order their gown in a size smaller, you may want to consider ordering a dress in your current size. If you lose your desired weight by your wedding month, a seamstress can always take in the gown.

Once you find the perfect design for your wedding, a dress consultant will take your measurements. Then, your dress will be ordered, and the shop will schedule an appointment for several months later for your first fitting for alterations. With these alterations, your dress will be just the right size.

How do I know that I’ve found the perfect gown?

Check for style, confidence, and comfort. Try asking yourself these questions: Does the dress compliment my body type? Am I smiling as I look at myself in the mirror? Is the gown comfortable? Is the material too itchy? If I raise my hands, will this strapless gown drop down? Can I sit down properly? Can I dance? How will I feel when my groom sees me in this gown? Do I feel beautiful?

What about dress styles and materials? What’s right for me?

For this information, view our “Wedding Dress Styles” page.

Author: Allyson Siwajian, Staff Writer for Bridal Spectacular

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