For your Las Vegas wedding, one of the first decisions you need to make is your where you’ll be married. With this guide, you’ll know what you need in order to make that decision. Read the questions submitted by Las Vegas brides and learn the answers. At the end, find our question checklists for a list of everything you need to do while visiting a potential location, including what to ask the venue.

We just got engaged! What do we do first?

Don’t forget to decide if you would like to have your ceremony and reception in the same location. If not, then choose a ceremony site and a reception venue that are near each other. Also, ensure that each location will fit your guest list.

I don’t have time to visit every location in Las Vegas. How do I narrow down my venue options?

Start your search online. View “Wedding Services” on Bridal Spectacular’s web site to find venues specific to Las Vegas. This will give you links directly to Las Vegas wedding venues‘ web sites, so you can view their services, photos, packages, and request more information or make an appointment with venue representatives and catering directors.

For additional research, visit wedding planning web sites, like and You can view hundreds of venues, scan their stats, enjoy their pictures, and find contact information to learn more.

Visit local bridal shows too.  At a bridal show, hundreds of vendors gather together beneath one roof, which allows you to see your options and speak with representatives in person. While you’re choosing your venue at a bridal show, you likely find more vendors to add to your list. Tackle months of Las Vegas wedding planning in one day!

I found three venues at the bridal show that all look great! How do I choose the best wedding venue for me?

Here’s a complete checklist to help with your wedding planning to find the best venue for you.

1). Visit a venue with your groom. What are you initial reactions?

2). Decide if you mesh well with the venue’s staff. You’ll be working with them for months to a year.

3). Bring a camera and do a walk-through. You’ll want to reference these photos later. Don’t forget to take notes on which venue coincides with each photo.

4). Consider the décor. Does it fit your style? Will you need to spend additional money to decorate it?

5). Are all the amenities available that you need? This may include parking, restrooms, lounges for the bride and groom to change into wedding attire, nearby lodging for out-of-town guests, reception tables and chairs, etc.

6). What’s included in the package? What about catering, tables and chairs, linens, ceremony arch, disc jockey, dance floor, wedding cake, etc.? Many venues aim to be cost-effective for brides and grooms by offering more than an empty room.

7).  Sit down with a venue representative and review the details. What’s included? How flexible is the venue with their vendors, meals, head count, etc.?

8). Consider your budget. Does the venue offer a payment schedule and initial deposit that work for you?

9). Get a sample contract from each place. At home, compare the prices, pros, and cons of each venue.

10). Make the decision together with your groom, and look forward to the day you’ll be wed in a place you both love!

Give me the nitty-gritty details. What else do I ask when I visit wedding venues?

While many Las Vegas venues share similar standards, you need to ask a few extra questions before signing the contract. Be respectful to the staff, and consider what you’re willing to compromise and what is absolutely necessary for your wedding day happiness.

Some ideas include:

1). Can I add decorations? Any restrictions of where I can place extra décor?

2). Are open flames allowed? What are the rules for candles?

3). What will the lighting be like inside/outside (for photography and ambience)?

4). Do you allow a live band or DJ?

5). May the guests toss rice, birdseed, or petals? Can they blow bubbles? Use sparklers?

6). Do I need to obtain any permits (for parking, for park use, etc.)?

7). Do you have any restrictions on photography?

8). Who will be organizing and supervising the vendors to keep them all on the same timeline? Does a member of your staff handle these details, or should I find an external wedding coordinator?

9). May I bring in my own vendors (DJ, photography, florist, cake, table rentals, alcohol, etc.)?

10). Do you provide an on-staff catering team? May I taste the meal in advance?

11). Are any other brides getting married on the same day at the same location?

12). How will the room be set up, from the head table to the dance floor?

Where can I find more information about Las Vegas wedding venues?

Try looking at our page “Weddings Las Vegas Style” to see a breakdown of the three basic wedding types—Las Vegas chapel weddings, Las Vegas luxury hotel weddings, and Las Vegas traditional local wedding. Also, always feel free to visit local bridal shows and view our wedding web site for additional information.

(Author: Allyson Siwajian)

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