Set in the romanticism of Las Vegas shopping center Tivoli Village, Bridal Spectacular recently hosted a special photo shoot entitled “One Bride, Nine Photographers.” Today, brides, we’d like share this with you.

Las Vegas bride, Las Vegas wedding photographers
Photo by Jeff Lite of Dave Lite Photography

We invited nine Las Vegas wedding photographers to photograph the same bride at the same location on the same day. Why? Brides, we want to be able to show you the depth of imagery and variation of style throughout these photographers. And while you may be able to gauge this from their website portfolios, we wanted to use the same bride to truly see each photographer’s style contextually displayed. With a consistent model for all images, you’ll see which style most speaks to you and which photographer you’d like to work alongside for your special day.

To start your search for your ideal wedding photographer, we’d like to begin by showcasing photographers known for their fun-loving natures and colorful styles. As photographers who enjoy the personal connection, these three studios excel at making the bride feel comfortable and confident. Willing to branch beyond the typical bridal box of wedding portraiture, they’ll help you embrace the joyous emotion of the moment!

Below you’ll find images by Ella Gagiano Photography, Alex Mo Photography, and Dave Lite Photography. Further explore each photographer’s style as you read each one’s Artist’s Statement. Then gain new insight on the experience from Laura Covington, a local Las Vegas bride who wants to help you choose a photographer whose techniques you’ll appreciate as she shares The Bride’s Perspective.

Ella Gagiano Photography

Ella Gagiano Photography… Elegant, Creative and Artistic.

Las Vegas wedding photography, image of bride in veil
Photo by Ella Gagiano Photography
Las Vegas wedding photography, image of bride at fountain
Photo by Ella Gagiano Photography

Artist’s Statement: Ella Gagiano has a passion for love and life like no one you have met before. She has spent most of her life traveling the world to capture images of people from every culture and walk of life. You can see in every image her love of people and the art of photography. Love, romance, excitement, passion, and pleasure… These are only a few words that your wedding images should speak… Ella Gagiano will capture the moment and it will speak to you for the rest of your life.

The Bride’s Perspective: “Ella is so fun! Straight out of South Africa, she will bring her carefree spirit and fun-loving attitude to the photo shoot to make you feel happy as a lark and ready to smile in her pictures. Ella loves to photograph the ‘Happy Bride,’ so be prepared to put on your best smile and enjoy an afternoon being photographed by Ella Gagiano!”  ~ Laura Covington

Alex Mo Photography

Alex Mo Photography: Go Beyond Extraordinary!

Artist’s Statement: “Despite the beauty of this print you see above, and my many years of artistic craftsmanship, I’ve come to realize that wedding photography is about the experience.  My goal in life is to make you look back on your wedding day when you’re older and think, ‘Wow, we really had a great time.’  How do you put a price on that?  Make the informed decision today and check out my [studio] just around the corner.  You might also get a yummy cake pop.  Just sayin’.” ~ Alex Mo

The Bride’s Perspective: “Alex Mo is that guy that you are instantly friends with. My experience modeling for him was like posing for an old friend rather than someone I had just met. I know you’ll feel the same way. Alex was full of ideas! As we walked around Tivoli Village, he found plenty of clever ways to make use of the architecture and features of the venue!”  ~ Laura Covington

Dave Lite Photography

Dave Lite Photography’s passion will earn your trust and confidence.

Las Vegas wedding photography, image of bride on staircase

Las Vegas wedding photography, image of bride at playground

Artist’s Statement: Dave Lite Photography has one simple passion; to have you, your family, your wedding party and your guests experience the complete confidence that we truly care about your dream day and that passion will shine brightly throughout every aspect of your wedding experience. After the day is over, your photographs are the lasting images that will endure forever.

The Bride’s Perspective: “A photo shoot with Dave Lite and his son Jeff is like none other. We had so much fun! They had me running across Tivoli Village, playing air guitar with a tennis racket, crawling through tunnels in the children’s play place, and showing my fighting spirit as a boxing-gloved bride. Next thing you know, they had me eating chocolate mousse cake on camera and then back to sultry, classic poses. These two were all over the place. It was different, unique, and a whole lot of fun!” ~ Laura Covington

“One Bride, Nine Photographers” Continues

Las Vegas brides, invite one of these photographers to celebrate your wedding day with you.  Visit their websites for more information, and feel free to contact them for a consultation. Remember to check back later this week to discover the styles of the final six wedding photographers who participated in “One Bride, Nine Photographers” for this blog, the Bridal Spectacular bridal show exhibit, and the Spectacular Bride photo feature.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Bride: Laura Covington

Bridal Make-up and Hair Styling: Amelia Cline-Cooper

Photo Credit as labeled, featuring Ella Gagiano Photography, Alex Mo Photography, and Dave Lite Photography