Keep Calm and Plan On

Wow, 2020 has been a wild ride so far and the Corona Virus Pandemic is surely taking a toll on your life and your wedding plans. We are glad that you are all staying home, staying safe and staying healthy through these rough months but don’t let it bring your wedding plans and future happiness to a grinding halt. We are here to help you make it down the aisle and so are our amazing group of Las Vegas Wedding Professionals.

In this article…

  • How we can help you plan from your favorite spot on the couch
  • How you can give hope to others during the pandemic
  • Our sincere hopes for couples who have had to reschedule their wedding


Quarantine got you bored AF
Quarantine got you bored AF? Start planning your wedding from the safety of your home

Bridal Spectacular and Spectacular Weddings of Las Vegas is here to help you plan your wedding from the safety of your home. The Bridal Spectacular website has an easy to use directory of local wedding professionals who are happy to take your calls, schedule virtual consultations and help you through this rough time. Our digital magazine, Spectacular Weddings, can also help you plan with its 200+ pages of eye candy trends and wedding tips.

Did you know that when you keep planning through the Chaos you are giving hope to hundreds of local families? Covid_19 is going to take a toll on our economy nationwide but entertainment and special events professionals are being hit particularly hard. Most Bridal Spectacular wedding pros are small businesses. Weddings may be their only source of income and support for their families. By continuing to plan your event you are showing these families that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Our heart breaks for any couples who have had to reschedule their special day. We can only imagine the heartbreak this unprecedented situation has caused. We hope we can make the rescheduling process easier on you. We are offering free admission to our August 28 & 29 event to couples who have had to reschedule their wedding as well as first responders, nurses, doctors, and those at the front lines of this pandemic. We will continue to stay up to date with all city and national safety recommendations.

Stay Home for Nevada, Wash Your Hands, and please PLAN ON!


Laura Covington
Vice President, Bridal Spectacular