Dave Lite Photography adapts to each bride’s style for affordable, high-quality Las Vegas wedding photography


Dave Lite Photography brings flexibility, natural imagery, and genuine care to Las Vegas brides and grooms. Discover how this award-winning, family-owned photo business can bring you the best for your Las Vegas weddings. Read more…

Artistic Imaging provides professional portraiture, photojournalism, and social sharing for Las Vegas weddings


Artistic Imaging masters the use of lighting to bring dramatic portraiture and natural photojournalism images. Receive the best of both worlds with these Las Vegas wedding photographers. Learn more about their modern approach to photography. Read more…

“One Bride, Nine Photographers”: Las Vegas wedding photography features passionate art and high-fashion imagery


In the finale to this series, discover photographers who transform wedding photography. With knowledge of art and people, they craft regal poses and natural expressions in a high-fashion style. Featuring Alt F, LorenzFoto, and Artistic Imaging.  Read more…