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Ideas for a Festive Holiday Themed Wedding


The beautiful colors, the sparkling lights, and that magical holiday spirit! Getting married during the most wonderful time of the year allows you to incorporate the best of the holidays into your very own nuptials — and we at Bridal Spectacular have a few great ideas on how you can turn your favorites into a […] Read more…

Ideas for a Thanksgiving Themed Wedding


With the stunning fall colors, warmth of family and togetherness, and some of the most delicious meals of the year, what better way to share your gratitude with your loved ones than with a Thanksgiving wedding! From the décor, colors, menu and more, we at Bridal Spectacular have some great ideas on how you can […] Read more…

What to Include on Your Wedding Website


You just got engaged and now you need to start planning your big day! One of the best ways to communicate all of your wedding details and updates to your guests is by creating a wedding website. And, the great news is you no longer have to an expert web developer in order to produce an […] Read more…

How to Create a Festive Autumn Inspired Wedding


Halloween is just around the corner, the days are getting shorter and leafs are beginning to drop — and that means the fall wedding season is in full swing! From your bridal look, wedding décor, flowers and more, we at Bridal Spectacular have some fabulous ideas to help you create an autumn inspired wedding. Enjoy […] Read more…