Seating your guests at the wedding reception


How you seat your guests at your wedding reception can make or break the evening. If at all possible, you want to choose a room that allows all the guests to see the head table and dance floor. Some facilities are split into two rooms or an L-shape which will split up your guests and make it hard for them to be part of the party.. Here are some other considerations:

  • Bars: Consider having more than one so your guests don’t have to push their way through tables to get to them.
  • Have a table for singles: Consider putting all your single guests together at one table, they will have much more fun than sitting with families or married couples.
  • DJ or Band: Needs to be placed where they can see the dance floor and the head table, and cake table since they will be directing many of festivities.
  • Headtable: This can be either a one sided banquet table large enough to seat the whole wedding party or a double sided banquet so their immediate families or mates can sit with them. You can sit up to 24 people at a head table, the more the merrier. The sweetheart table for the bride and groom only will leave you filling isolated from your own party.
  • Cake Table: This will be the focal spot for one of your very special events, make sure it stands out and is located in a good spot for photos with a good well lit background.
  • Party People: These people will be the ones having the best time and will be happiest near the bar and the dj or entertainment. They don’t have to be near you!

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