For couples suffering from terminal illnesses, it’s often difficult to spend thousands of dollars, much effort, and innumerable hours on wedding planning when they consider these resources may be better spent to care for their loved ones. And rightly so. But despite debilitating illnesses and life-altering circumstances, all couples deserve the opportunity to seal their love with an “I do.”

Excited Las Vegas couple Nick and Robin celebrate with Wish Upon a Wedding.

That’s why Las Vegas wedding professionals are rallying together to make dreams come true for couples experiencing such difficult times. Through nonprofit organization Wish Upon a Wedding, couples are granted the resources they need for their wedding planning.

For example, a couple is assigned a dedicated wedding planner who will handle Las Vegas wedding planning details for them. This approach takes away wedding planning stress without taking a bride or groom away from the task of caring for their loved one. Also, for the wedding day, Las Vegas wedding professionals will offer their services to the couple free of charge. With caterers who donate food and venues that open their locations, an engaged couple can simply enjoy their wedding day as they make their vows and celebrate with friends and family.

“We know many, many couples, that are struggling with … such a dramatic turn of events in their lives, may put all other priorities on the backburner, so they can focus on caring for that loved one,” Adam Frazier, President of Wish Upon a Wedding’s Las Vegas chapter, said in Monday’s episode of “The Morning Blend,” a Las Vegas Channel 13 morning show. “But one of the things that is so important for them is finalizing their love and taking that plunge into getting married.”

For local couples, who are struggling to support one another through life-threatening illnesses or special life-altering circumstances, nonprofit organization Wish Upon a Wedding offers hope and help.

Watch this inspiring video on "The Morning Blend."

Want to see this heartwarming organization in action? View this video, featuring Adam Frazier of Las Vegas’ Wish Upon a Wedding chapter. You’ll meet local couple Nick and Robin, who both live in Las Vegas with cerebral palsy, recently attended the Bridal Spectacular bridal show, and will see their wedding dreams come true in June through the help of local wedding professionals. Also, you’ll learn how Wish Upon a Wedding began in Las Vegas, how you and your loved one can apply to have your wedding wish granted, and even how you can sponsor Wish Upon a Wedding as a “wish granter.”

Watch Wish Upon a Wedding on “The Morning Blend” here.

To learn more about the world’s first nonprofit wedding wish granting organization, visit Wish Upon a Wedding’s web site. Learn more about their beginnings, their chapter locations, and how to apply to be sponsored or to be a sponsor. Discover the importance of social networking for this cause, of corporate partnerships and donations, and of volunteering with your local chapter. Then, visit Wish Upon a Wedding’s blog to read real life stories of couples nationwide who have had their wedding wishes granted.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: “The Morning Blend” on Channel 13

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