As a family-owned stationery company (“Lola” means “grandmother” in the Philippines), Lola Felli offers brides a new experience for their wedding invitations. With a streamlined process that can be accessed online, brides can view all their invitation options from the comfort of their homes. But before you disregard an online process as impersonal, consider this element: Lola Felli invitations are each handmade. The paper is hand-cut. The designs are imprinted with hand-stamped ink. And the color is brought to life with watercolor paints. At Lola Felli Stationery and Ambiance, a bride’s time is respected through the efficiency of their customization process while the invitations maintain artistic integrity through a personal touch created with each couple in mind.

Lola Felli displayed their color choices, ink stamps, shapes, and more at the Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

“It’s all custom-made invitations,” Zander Winstead, President of Lola Felli, said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show when I asked about their specialization.

He then selected a vibrant tri-fold invitation from his bridal show display table and handed the delicate package to me. Complete with an invitation, reception card, and closure ribbon, this elegant invitation created an experience for its recipient. Hosting a professional look and handmade feel, Lola Felli invitations give brides an opportunity to let their guests to know they are valued.

“We put in a lot of time and effort because we want the bride to have the best to show her guests,” Winstead said.

While the bride can show her guests their worth with this personal touch, Lola Felli can also let the bride know she is valued through her invitation process.

“The most important thing for Lola Felli is making sure that the bride is happy,” Winstead said.

That’s why Lola Felli provides excellent customer service as well as over 1,000 combinations for stationery customization. With a variety of shapes, styles, designs, colors, ribbons, and even the ability to include a foreign language on an invitation, Lola Felli truly offers a personalized experience.

“Brides get a lot of freedom in what they’re doing,” Winstead said. “So it’s truly designed to be their special day.”

As I viewed the sample invitations at Lola Felli’s bridal show booth, I asked Winstead how the process works from the bride’s perspective. Once she and her groom have decided they’d like to use Lola Felli, what should they do?

Customize your design for wedding invitations and additional Lola Felli stationery.

“Step one: They would choose any shape, any fold type,” Winstead said as he motioned to the different styles, like an uneven tri-fold and a pocket invitation. “The next step would be choosing any of their colors. Then the next step would be choosing any of our options: any types of stamp, embossing, ribbon, and it’s custom-matched to the color…. Brides can customize it as much as they want.”

Also, if a bride and groom would like, they can even order additional stationery to match their chosen invitation theme. This may include programs, table numbers, place cards, and favor boxes.

Once the customizations are finalized and the couple is pleased with every aspect, the invitations’ production starts that very day. After 8-10 weeks (bear in mind the time to hand-cut, stamp, and watercolor each piece since no ink comes from a printer), a bride and groom’s invitations will be delivered to a home address, completely prepared to be sent to guests.

“We want to make the bride as happy and stress-free as we can during this planning part of her wedding,” Winstead said of Lola Felli’s philosophy.

With customizations for all aspects, Lola Felli offers a truly customized invitation.

As I finished speaking with Winstead at Bridal Spectacular, I asked what he would like to tell brides who are planning Las Vegas weddings. Just like a family member may pass along bits of advice on a wedding day, Winstead took this time to share a few words of wisdom.

“Brides, be happy during this process,” he said. “It’s a good journey. It’s not just about the end result; it’s about what happens in between. So make sure it’s enjoyable, fun, and not a lot of stress.”

Brides, if you’d like to be happy with your wedding invitations, please contact Lola Felli by phone at (877) LOLA-FELLI or through their website at If you’d like to learn more about additional Las Vegas wedding invitation stores, please visit Bridal Spectacular’s official website and view our recommended wedding vendors.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photo Credit: Allyson Siwajian