Las Vegas brides, if you’ve been following the trends for wedding décor, you know that Chiavari chairs are all the rage. Originally designed to reflect carved bamboo joints, Chiavari chairs provide a lightweight, sturdy alternative to classic banquet chairs at a reception or the usual folding chairs seen in lawn ceremonies. If you’re looking to add elegance, incorporate your own artistry, or even let a small space seem larger, then consider renting Chiavari chairs for your wedding and reception.

These Chiavari chairs were seen in Bridal Spectacular bridal show's Inspiration Avenue.

Freedom with Décor:  Due to their structure, these chairs let the bride decorate in ways a typical chair could never allow. Wrap organza ribbon across the chair back, add a floral arrangement, and change the color of the seat cushion. For any bride who is design-savvy and artistic, Chiavari chairs open the door to even more wedding day customization for décor.

Less is More: While you can decorate these chairs to your heart’s content, a Chiavari chair also does well just as is. Instantly add elegance to your ballroom reception or your lawn ceremony. With this chair’s intricate design and color-customized cushion, your wedding guests will note the increased aura of sophistication at your Las Vegas wedding.

Open the Floor: When you’re working with a small venue space, you want the area to look as large and open as it possibly can. Eliminate clutter and open the area by exchanging linen-laden banquet chairs for lightweight Chiavari chairs. With its thin design yet sturdy nature, a Chiavari chair will brighten the space and allow you and your guests to move more freely around the reception room.

Customize your chair with its color and cushion.

Ask your Venue: For brides who wholeheartedly believe in décor customization, a unique experience, and a light-hearted space for their special day, these understated chairs provide endless opportunities. Ask your wedding venue if they have Chiavari available for your use on your wedding day. If your venue can’t provide this upgrade, then inquire about bringing in your own chairs. If your venue’s wedding coordinator agrees to this plan, then call a local rental and décor store. Rent furniture, order color customizations for the chair structure as well as its cushion, and consider letting the company of your choice incorporate additional décor for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Let your Las Vegas wedding live to its full potential. Consider the furniture just as meticulously as you’d choose the flowers. Then with a completely customized space, embrace your identity as a modern bride with artistic taste and the ability to create a whole, new wedding experience for every guest in attendance.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photo Credit: Orange Soda Photo (first photo), Allyson Siwajian (second photo)