For decades, wedding etiquette has demanded that bridesmaids match exactly. Get those curls in place, wear your bracelet on your right wrist, manage to squeeze into stiletto heels no matter the width of your feet, and make sure that dress color coordinates with the table linens. But this is 2011, brides. And bridesmaids are saying “No more!” to this matchy-matchy wedding trend.

Trade old ways of matching for modern personality with blending.

This spring, for your Las Vegas weddings, let your bridesmaids embrace their own style while maintaining a consistent theme and polished look for your wedding party. Not sure how much freedom is too much? Take a look at today’s bridal guide for bridesmaid apparel and accessories to see how you can incorporate your wedding’s vibe and bridesmaids’ personalities into a beautifully blended combination.

1.     Bridesmaid Dress: Choose a color and a length for the dress. Then let your bridesmaids fill in the blanks. This will allow your closest friends and family to choose gowns that best fit their body types and their budgets.

2.     Sashes: If you like the uniformity of the same bridesmaid gowns, then allow your bridesmaids to add some flair with sashes. Approve two to three sash colors that will blend with your wedding’s tone. But let the sash style, width, and length be up to her.

3.     Shoes: It’s likely your bridesmaids will have different tastes in footwear. Choose a color, whether it’s a neutral metallic or a fun fuchsia, for their shoes. Then let your bridesmaids choose whatever shoes best fit their personalities and feel most comfortable.

4.     Jewelry: While gifting jewelry to bridesmaids for the wedding day is certainly popular, consider what they’d like to wear in addition to this gift. Allow your girls to accessorize with pieces they have chosen to complement their attire. If you’d like some control, choose the metal color or stone—gold, silver, rhinestones, or pearls—and let your bridesmaids interpret your instructions as they will.

Tie in several bridesmaids dress colors with a Maid of Honor's multicolor gown.

5.     Hair Style: With a more mature group of bridesmaids, you‘ll have a hard time convincing them that the “prom look” is all the rage. Don’t be Bridezilla by dictating similar hairstyles that scream “wedding hairdo.” Instead, let them style their hair as they please. Worried it won’t look good? Schedule a group styling session before the wedding with a professional wedding hair stylist. Have a bridesmaid dye her black hair blonde two days before the rehearsal? Bite your tongue. It may be your wedding, but this issue isn’t worth losing her friendship.

When you follow these wedding tips, you’ll let your bridesmaids step beyond the classic wedding mold while maintaining a unified look. So give your girls the opportunity to be themselves, even at your party! Aim to blend, not match, all the pieces of your wedding party’s attire for a modern style that speaks to how much you trust these ladies who will stand alongside you for your most special day.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian