At Knight Sounds Entertainment, it’s all about you, brides and grooms. What kind of music do you like? They’ll play it for your reception. Need an emcee? They’ll handle the details. How much crowd involvement would you like? They’ll guide the guests in that direction. Any songs you don’t want to hear? They’ve got you covered. How about those special moments? They’ll find what you need. As disc jockeys who have been in business for 22 years, Knight Sounds has perfected the art of music at Las Vegas weddings. Through their expansive music library, excellent customer service, and willingness to come prepared, Knight Sounds Entertainment Mobile Disc Jockeys provides an incredible experience for every bride, groom, and wedding guest.

Knight Sounds Entertainment hosts a booth at Bridal Spectacular's bridal show.

“We want to make sure that the bride and groom have a relaxing, stress-free environment,” Justin Amerson, a disc jockey at Knight Sounds Entertainment, said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

To ensure this carefree time, whether the newlyweds are calmly mingling with the crowd or partying on the dance floor, Knight Sounds coordinates all the details for the wedding day before the wedding day.

“We coordinate before the wedding even starts,” Amerson said. “We coordinate the music, crowd participation, and audience involvement levels. We coordinate with the particular reception hall, with whoever is running the room, with coordination for the garter and bouquet [tosses], with the photography, the cutting of the cake…. Basically, the bride and groom can just sit back, relax, and have a great wedding reception.”

With this level of coordination, a disc jockey from Knight Sounds is more than prepared to act as the wedding’s emcee as well.

“We work the microphone,” Amerson said. “We talk to the crowd. We get them hyped up. We lead the crowd through the events of the evening. We make sure that everyone gets up to take advantage of photo opportunities, mingle time, stuff like that, and if things start dragging on, we can usher the evening on.”

With a professional at the helm, wedding guests will never experience a dull moment. The wedding will progress through the night’s events smoothly. And in case of a small hiccup in the program (like a runaway cake topper that demands cake cutting be moved earlier in the schedule), this professional can handle the details for the bride and groom while transitioning the events so effortlessly that guests never will know an issue occurred.

Focus on your groom and let Knight Sounds handle the crowd.

In addition to guiding the wedding group through the evening’s events, a Knight Sounds disc jockey also has a vast variety of music available and plenty of experience at the sound station.

“We have 10,000 songs in our library with specialty on request,” Amerson said. Even if a bride and groom request a song that’s not currently in their library, Knight Sounds Entertainment can find it for their wedding date.

“Chances are if you’re looking at a reception venue, you can just ask them, ‘Have you ever worked with Knight Sounds?’ And they’ll be able to tell you they had a great experience,” he said.

With Knight Sounds’ disc jockeys, a bride and groom’s wedding ceremony and reception will transition smoothly from start to finish. So embrace their skill at spinning the hits for your reception while they take guest requests and play music you specifically chose in advance. Allow yourself to relax as someone else handles the wedding’s event coordination. Rejoice that you hired a professional who can adeptly work a sound system without flaw for your ceremony.

“It’s the joy of being a part of somebody’s special day every time,” Amerson said about his inspiration as a Las Vegas wedding disc jockey. “It’s nice to be able to bring people joy.”

Las Vegas brides, it’s time to experience that joy. Contact Knight Sounds Entertainment Mobile Disc Jockeys through their website or by calling 702-452-3544 to schedule an appointment. Want to see more options for your wedding day vendors? Visit Bridal Spectacular’s official website and continue your search for the perfect people for your special day.

Author: Allyson Siwajian