You don’t need me to tell you just how hot Las Vegas can be. As a desert location, this city has spring and summer months that just about bring temperatures to the brink of boiling. So what’s a Las Vegas bride to do when she wants to host an outdoor wedding but needs to keep her out-of-town guests happy? Today, in the conclusion of our “Wedding Weather Wisdom” series, I’d like to present a few tips to handle the heat for Las Vegas weddings.

Create an indoor mingling zone.

Keep your guests cool as long as possible. Before the outdoor ceremony starts, give guests a place to mingle in an air-conditioned area. Ask your wedding venue to open the reception room or cocktail hour area in advance. Then, just before the ceremony starts, ask your wedding coordinator, ushers, emcee, or venue’s catering director to invite guests to step outside for the ceremony to begin momentarily.

Provide bottled water.

Distribute chilled water bottles to all guests as they walk outside. This way, they’ll stay hydrated throughout the ceremony.

Give guests small fans.

Create old-fashioned air conditioners by giving hand-held fans to guests. Let the fans’ design match your wedding’s tone as well. Use ornate oriental fans for a more elegant wedding. For an extremely casual wedding, affix the wedding program to a tongue depressor (doctor-sized popsicle stick) to make a D.I.Y. fan. You can even order fun fans with your names and wedding date. Depending on the reusability and fanciness of your fans, you may consider letting these double as your wedding favors.

Use “bridal” baby powder.

Brides, if your gown isn’t a light material, you’ll likely sweat a lot in the sun’s heat. Wear an extra-strong antiperspirant, and have blotting pads to dab post-ceremony shine off your face. Finally, pat baby powder on your skin from your bra line to your thighs. This will stop the sweat and keep you dry during the outdoor ceremony or even later on the dance floor.

Without refrigeration, my cake topper toppled in the heat. Look closely--you can see where the frosting caved. 😉

Keep the wedding cake refrigerated.

Buttercream frosting is a goner in the heat. To keep your cake from melting and your cake topper from slipping off the top tier, ask your venue to put your wedding cake in their refrigerator once it arrives. While your cake may not be on display until moments before the actual cake cutting, you’ll have preserved its appearance for wedding photography and kept its flavor fresh for guests.

Plan an evening wedding.

Dodge the hottest part of the day. Instead of a midday wedding, let spring and summer ceremonies take place in the early evening. With the setting sun, you’ll experience picturesque scenery for the ceremony and wedding party photos. Then, as night settles in the Vegas valley, cooler temperatures will provide the perfect environment for your reception’s festivities.

By accommodating your out-of-town guests and living your dream to host an outdoor Las Vegas wedding, you’ll create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone with memories you’ll never forget!

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs: Artistic Imaging, Quiet Art Photography