Does the idea of cranking away at invitations all alone make you sick? Then transform this solo act into a full-fledged party. Today take a look at these ideas for Stuff, Seal, and Stamp party to inspire all our brides planning Las Vegas weddings.

Invite the key players.

Find these wedding stamps at a U.S. Post Office.

Have a few friends who have offered to help but who aren’t in the wedding party? This is an excellent opportunity to include them in the fun while also freeing up your bridesmaids to tackle other wedding preparations. Invite two to three friends, family members, or roommates to come alongside you in your time of need. Tell them the presses are rolling, and you’ll be receiving your printed wedding invitations within a few weeks. Then plan a time when they can meet at your home for exciting stuff, seal, and stamp activities.

Handle the prep in advance.

Prepare casually for the night of your Stuff, Seal, and Stamp Party. First, you’ll need to pick up the invitations from the stationery store (or your doorstep, depending on method of delivery). Then buy the goodies: stamps and ink. You can purchase these both at any general store, or stop by a U.S. Post Office to pick up wedding-themed stamp booklets. As for ink, splurge on a fun pen to use as you address each envelope, or—for the high-tech bride who plans to print addresses through her computer’s printer—buy extra ink cartridges. As you run errands throughout the week, feel free to pick up these items to avoid stress on the day of the party.

Add flavor and fun.

Reward your friends for their help. Offer a fruit platter or a pizza—whatever floats your boat—at your home. After eating and enjoying each other’s company, you can start compiling the invitations.  Set up shop near a TV, so you can watch movies as you work. Play wedding favorites, like The Wedding Singer or 27 Dresses, or choose another romantic comedy that you’ve all seen. Then you can enjoy the movie’s moments while also staying focused to produce perfectly put-together wedding invites.

With friends to help, I finished compiling my invitations so fast!

Create an amazing assembly line.

Let people form into teams according to how they’d like to help. Here’s a breakdown of what crews you might want to consider: (1) Card Stacker who can follow wedding etiquette to place all the cards in the correct order for each invite, (2) Envelope Stuffer who can take the stacks and place them in the inner and outer envelopes, (3) Seal and Stamp Guru who handles all things sticky, from licking the envelope shut to carefully placing stamps in their proper place, and (4) Calligrapher—generally the bride—who addresses every envelope for each guest. Have fewer people? Feel free to consolidate jobs.

Keep your cool.

The goal of this party is to have fun while making progress faster. You’ll have to trust the people you’ve chosen to accompany you to pay attention to detail. If you plan on looking over their shoulders all night to ensure they’re doing it right, then save yourself the stress. Rather than host a party, simply tackle the task yourself.

Plan your party.

Planning a Stuff, Seal, and Stamp Party isn’t for every bride. But if you are a woman who likes the company of friends and knows you can trust who you’ve invited to do their jobs well, then start to plan your party one to two weeks before your printed invitations arrive. Then you’ll finish the grueling job much more quickly and find the task transformed to an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs courtesy of U.S. Post Office and Allyson Siwajian

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  1. I’d recommend leaving the eating and drinking for after the invitation stuffing and addressing. Too messy and if you’re serving alcohol…well…that’s why they recommend buying extra invitations and envelopes!

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