Do I really have to assemble all the pieces of my wedding invitations in a particular order? That’s so 1955. While I originally saw this wedding invitation and envelope etiquette as just another way to be “prim and proper,” I’ve recently discovered there’s more to it than that.

Dear Guest, I care about you…

First, by taking the time to place everything neatly in the envelope according to wedding etiquette, I’m letting guests know that I care about how I present this invitation. That kind of translates to: “Not only do I care about making sure you get a pretty invitation, but I care about you. And I care enough about you and your attendance at my wedding that I’m doing what I can to make sure you receive all the information you need to make that decision.”

No matter if your invitation is formal or casual, assemble its pieces before stuffing it into the envelope.

So I took the time to organize this invite…

When I stuff my wedding invitation envelopes properly, I’m also creating convenient organization. My guests can remove all the pieces in a nice stack. They won’t have to worry about any pieces slipping to the floor to be lost, as they likely would if I sent my invites’ pieces in a jumbled mess. Oops!

Because I want you to smile as you learn what to expect for my wedding.

Finally, I’d like my wedding invitations be as put-together and aesthetically pleasing as possible. My guests will look to the invitation to decipher the tone of my wedding. So I’ll let them know it’s going to be polished and well-worth the time, just like this invitation. (It’s like Inception, but infinitely more socially-acceptable.)

P.S. Yes, I did have to “Google search” this etiquette stuff.

Before I wed, I had to speak with a stationery consultant to learn how to organize my invitations into envelopes. Fortunately, brides, you can discover these secrets from the comfort of your computer, as we are now making the material Google-able. 😉

When you assemble all the pieces to be placed inside the envelope, think of a pyramid. The largest piece of paper goes on the bottom to support the smaller pieces of the stack. Here’s the general order for classic invitations, bottom to top:

  1. Ceremony Card (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Patton request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter…)
  2. Reception Card: Use this to invite guests to a reception with a separate location than the ceremony. If it’s all in one venue, no need for this piece.
  3. Reply Card (i.e. M________  will attend): Place the reply card face-up in a small envelope. Then stamp the envelope, and write your name and address in the “To:” section of the envelope.
  4. Meal Card (i.e. Please select one meal __x_ Apricot Chicken, _____ Shrimp Scampi): Only use this card for receptions with a sit-down, plated dinner.
  5. Any additional cards: These may include registry information, hotel accommodations, directions card or map, etc.
  6. Inner Envelope: Now that you’ve formed quite the stack, gently place these cards face-up into the inner envelope. Do not seal this envelope.
  7. Outer Envelope: Place the inner envelope inside the larger, outer envelope. Seal it well. Then address, stamp, and mail the complete package.

Oh, and I made some customizations.

Be looking for those reply cards in the mail!

Remember, brides, you can add tissue paper between each main piece to give your invitation a more formal appearance. Likewise, for casual weddings, you can eliminate tissue paper and ditch the inner envelope. Also, if your guests are more tech-savvy and you’d like to save trees, remove multiple extra cards (from step #5) in favor of including a link to your wedding website.

But I can’t wait to see you! Thanks for finding a way to make it to my big day.

Assemble your invitations properly to capture your guests’ attention in a good way. In return, the people you most care about will show they care for you too as they take the time to determine whether they can make it to the big day. With well-presented invitations, they’re more likely to save the date and make the magic happen. So get excited, brides! All your hard work will pay off soon. For your Las Vegas weddings, you’ll be celebrating with plenty of guests for one of the best moments of your life!

Sincerely yours,

The Blushing Bride

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian