At the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show, I spoke with the master of cake creations, Lorna Martinez. As the owner and cake artist of Rugged Ice Cakes by Lorna, she offered me a Mojito Cupcake that I just couldn’t resist. Within one delicious bite, I was on board with this new wedding trend. Fortunately, cocktail flavors aren’t only available in cupcakes. Rugged Ice Cakes can create these flavors for full-size, fully-decorated wedding cakes too.

Rugged Ice Cakes by Lorna showcases their creative cake artistry at Bridal Spectacular's bridal show.

Through their creative confections, Rugged Ice Cakes offers brides, grooms, and wedding guests the opportunity to sample cocktail flavors without having to consume too much alcohol. As a tasteful way to present a cake for a wedding, bachelor party, or bridal shower, these cocktail flavors bring excitement and energy to one’s taste buds while also providing the opportunity to customize the cake’s appearance.

“We’re introducing the cocktail menu,” Martinez said. “Bailey’s, Jack and Coke, Mojito, Margarita—all those different type of flavors enough to taste the cocktail, not just the alcohol, but the cocktail in the cake.”

By introducing the wedding industry to cocktail cakes, Martinez hopes to be able to cater to grooms as well as brides.

“People always say, ‘It’s all about the bride.’ But she’s not getting married by herself,” Martinez said. “We want to make the groom feel like he’s a part of it, that the celebration is for him too.”

And what better way to involve the groom in wedding planning than to let him help choose the cake! With cocktail flavors as well as traditional cake flavors (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc.), Rugged Ice Cakes by Lorna gives a bride and groom plenty of options for delectable flavors. However, the customization doesn’t stop there. Rugged Ice Cakes also offers a variety of shapes, designs, and cake décor for all occasions.

Enjoy spiked cupcakes and useful party favors from Rugged Ice Cakes.

“I want the guys to be able say, ‘Oh, I bought this cake and I can bring it to the next poker game or gathering for a football game,’ and still feel manly about it,” Martinez said about shape cakes she has designed for men (with help of her own groom). “That’s where the Rugged [in Rugged Ice Cakes] comes from,” she said.

While Rugged Ice Cakes does cater to men, their cake creations can also display a unique flair for women.

“I’m feminine, but I’m not girly,” Martinez said. That’s what makes her cakes different. For bridal showers or bachelorette parties, brides can order custom-designed cakes that step away from the traditional while maintaining femininity.

Lorna Martinez designs cakes based on your favorite colors, shapes, and decor.

“As for the Ice [in the name Rugged Ice Cakes], we do a collection for the ladies that is still bridal but it’s different and it’s more personal,” Martinez said. “Ladies can actually bring a piece of jewelry that’s precious to them, like maybe the wedding ring, and we can [use its pattern for the cake’s] design too.”

Whether the cake design uses a pattern from a piece of precious jewelry, displays the colors and logo of a guy’s favorite sports team, or even presents a blend of the couple’s wedding colors and personalities, Rugged Ice Cakes by Lorna offers something for everyone.

“It’s their wedding, so it should be all-around personal, “ Martinez said.

Brides and grooms, if you would like a custom cake creation for your Las Vegas weddings, contact Lorna Martinez of Rugged Ice Cakes. Call 702-326-3543, e-mail [email protected], or visit Rugged Ice Cakes’ website. Don’t forget to ask about their cocktail cakes and find out about the elaborate desserts in their party favor collection. To find additional cake specialists in Las Vegas, please visit Bridal Spectacular’s website for a full listing of Las Vegas wedding professionals.

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs of Rugged Ice Cakes: Allyson Siwajian