On April 23, 2011, I had the privilege to celebrate the union of Bridal Spectacular’s Laura Hansen and her groom Charles Covington. On this special day, this young couple pledged their love and lives to each other in one of the most breathtaking ceremonies I’ve witnessed. From a rose-laden archway to hanging lanterns that graced the trees, the Hansen family backyard had been transformed into a romantic place where dreams come true.

Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. Covington!

Las Vegas brides, in the coming weeks, I’d like to share several wedding trends with you that I witnessed this weekend through The Covington Wedding. But before we plunge into the details, today I’d like to display an overview of Laura and Charlie Covington’s wedding décor.

With the flair of Asian inspiration paired with traditional American wedding elements, The Covington Wedding proved that backyard weddings can declare striking elegance while still making each guest feel right at home.

Brides, take a look at today’s photo gallery from The Covington Wedding to glean inspiration for your own Las Vegas weddings. Discover how you can incorporate an Asian theme or simply set the tone with decor to create an elegant wedding in your own family member’s backyard.

But most of all, take joy in seeing a Las Vegas bride, just like you, celebrate her marriage to the man she loved in her own special way. Then, brides, know that your own day is coming soon when you’ll be able to celebrate with those you love in your own unique way too.

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs: Anthony and Allyson Siwajian

Bride and Groom featured: Charles and Laura Covington